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Increase volume

Increase volume

by waaiz tech

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Volume booster app boosts the volume of your more than its default threshold, Sound booster allows your phone speaker to operate at higher volume, volume booster app makes your normal used phone speaker into a stereo speaker when you increase volume. Volume booster APP is a daily used app for people who listen loud music and quite popular among people who love to listen music.
Key features of sound booster
 Boost sound of the speaker as on user choice
 Maximize sound on high level by sound maximizer
 No root is required for sound booster
Speaker booster not only enhances the volume but also increase volume quality over high loudness and frequency. The volume is clear and echo-free at higher level of sound. Sound booster can be very versatile also increases the volume intensity of appliances connected through Bluetooth with your phones.
An increase in sound may damage the hearing capacity of the ears.

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