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Kids Math App

12 Sep 2020 App Of The Day

Kids Math App

by Systweak Software

  • Kids Math App
  • Kids Math App
  • Kids Math App

This cool Math app helps kids learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Not only this, but it also rewards the child for the successful completion of a level. This reinforces the key concept of solving all problems in a go.

Wrong Answer? No Problem:

Your kids can correct the answer before the balloon drops or can answer correctly before they lose both the lifelines.
To answer a given question use the keyboard and if it is a 2-digit answer press both the keys consecutively.
KidsMath App offers unlimited levels to play. This helps enhance Math skills without any limitations.

● Unlimited levels to learn basic mathematical operations
● Medals for clearing each level successfully
● Dark and light themes
● All in one Math app with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
● Best Math app to learn calculations
● Adaptive learning path, allowing each child to learn at their own pace
● Independent learning
Benefits of KidsMath App
● Solve a variety of math problems in a limited time
● Learn time management
● Kid-friendly learning
● Enhanced motor skills and concentration
● Great brainstorming app

Designed for kids this Math App is a perfect way to introduce basic mathematics operations to kids. It will teach your kids early mathematics and will help grow logical skills. Using this excellent Math App you can create a perfect foundation for lifetime learning.

When kids are taught anything in a playful manner, they remember it more. This makes them smart and attentive. Based on this KidsMath App to challenge the kid increases difficulty at every level. This motivates the kid to perform better than earlier.

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Silver medal
Gold medal
Platinum Medal
Diamond Medal
Master Medal
Grand Master Medal

How to use KidsMath App
Once the app is installed, to start learning arithmetic calculations follow the steps below:
1. Tap the mathematical operation you want your kid to learn.
2. You will now see a screen with a balloon having numbers and expressions according to the module selected.
3. Use the keyboard to answer the questions before the balloon falls. If your answer is incorrect try answering until the balloon falls. There’s no limit to the number of times you can answer correctly.

For every wrong answer, you lose a lifeline and each right answer hits the balloon. This brings forth the next question. To pass a level you need to answer all questions that pops-up.

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