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KunFayaKun : Connect your desires & find deals

KunFayaKun : Connect your desires & find deals

by kunfayakun

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  • KunFayaKun : Connect your desires & find deals
  • KunFayaKun : Connect your desires & find deals
  • KunFayaKun : Connect your desires & find deals
  • KunFayaKun : Connect your desires & find deals
  • KunFayaKun : Connect your desires & find deals
  • KunFayaKun : Connect your desires & find deals
  • KunFayaKun : Connect your desires & find deals

Welcome to KunFayaKun, the angelic platform to fulfill your desires!

KunFayaKun is an appropriate platform that gives its consumers an opportunity to search for any desire through this app. It connects people to the angels present who can help them further in fulfilling their desires. It is determined to work as a go-to app for all the consumer desires for a fast online experience to find anything and everything.

The app helps you connect with the angel role in a nearby location who is available to offer you whatever they have in store for you. Say, for instance, you are looking for a nearby restaurant or a shop in your area of residence and want one that offers the best Mughlai food. Instead of searching on the internet for hours, you can now simply put your desires and the desired price range on the KunFayaKun app.

You can share your requirements, share location, check offers, and find the best deals by saving time and money on this app. You can share a video, upload images, or upload text. The angels available in your area will then come up with the best offers and you can pick one of the best amongst them. KunFayaKun is thus the best offer sharing app. Here angels can share offers and you can do a quick search within the KunFayaKun ecosystem to connect your desires with the best Angels offers at an affordable price range.

How can you post a desire on the KunFayaKun app?

One can begin by signing in on the app using their gmail account or via their Facebook ID. The app then leads you to its homepage which shows up the seek desire search box. Here, you can type your desire and select the required radius within which you want to find angles for your desires. Later, simply wait for angels in your area to respond in the angel present section of the app. Thus you can simply start searching and browsing on this app by posting a desire.

Salient features of the KunFayaKun app

● Easy sign-in options

The app currently has two basic kinds of single sign-on (SSO) options via Facebook and google accounts of the user. The app gives high priority to the user's data by saving their email addresses in its database with high-end security and thus helping them search for anything by seeking desires.

● Location-based sign in options

The app offers location-based sign-in options. It is bound to use your GPS location to help you connect users with angels who have some of the perfect offers for your desires. Keeping in mind the concerns of security issues, the app makes sure that the angels don't have any consumer information other than what is shared by the consumer via placing the desires.

● Consumers

KunFayaKun app stands out in providing the customers a number of valuable features for placing their desires and thus receiving the best offers. Desire, price range, timing, miles radius, and other necessary details can be added to the KunFayaKun ecosystem. The consumers can keep checking the offers by Angels for each of their desires in the angels present section.

Both consumers and Angels can chat after providing offer. Consumers can click "Love", "$" sign to indicate they like the offer and may want to buy respectively. These consumers behaviour can be viewed by Angels. Consumers can block offer by clicking "X" sign. They can block Angels by clicking right most sign.

● Angels

Angels at KunFayaKun are the ones who are there to offer you their services and/products to fulfil your desires at a certain monetary value. They can view all desires within a 10-15 miles radius. After going through the customers' desires on the app, they can provide an offer through text, image, or video.

While adding a desire, no consumer can ask for 'sexual, copyright, or violent' content. The same goes for the Angels. The KunFayaKun app thus offers you the best desire-fulfilment platform!

For instant support : info@southpointsoftllc.com
Visit Website: https://southpointsoftllc.com/

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