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Learn 2 Count - Kids Learning

Learn 2 Count - Kids Learning

by MobitSolutions

  • Learn 2 Count - Kids Learning
  • Learn 2 Count - Kids Learning
  • Learn 2 Count - Kids Learning
  • Learn 2 Count - Kids Learning
  • Learn 2 Count - Kids Learning
  • Learn 2 Count - Kids Learning
  • Learn 2 Count - Kids Learning

Learn 2 Count is an ultimate counting teacher!!! With this cool counting game watch your children as they play & quickly learn numbers, how to count and recognize numbers. Add fun through counting challenges for your toddler and gear them up with the enjoyable informative activity. Enjoy remarkable animation technology which introduces numbers for kids in the different ways. Now, it becomes easy for the mothers to teach counting numbers to children through this app. Help your toddler to learn counting while playing with this amazing app. Let them discover different numbers while teaching toddlers to count.
Learn 2 Count is an exciting pre-school learning game for kids. Watch your toddler and let them discover the simple joy of learning. Now, you can easily encourage your kid to learn and count numbers. Count along and learn the names of all your favorite fruits and vegetables! Learn in a fun environment with cool sound effects, clear and pleasant voice narration, as well as positive feedback will motivate young players. 
This app is designed for little kids to learn and count numbers in an easy way. Learn 2 count game that teaches children while playing, making it easy to learn basic number and counting knowledge. Learn 2 Count is an educational game for kids whose parents are interested in qualitative early education of their kids in the field of math. So, you can encourage your kids to play learn to count with fun counting games instead of other games. These counting games will teach your kids to differentiate numbers from 1-9.
This game has different levels. You will choose according to your choice. This learning numbers app helps you and your kids to learn numbers easily. It is the best way to teach numbers to your kids. Your toddlers can easily learn numbers 1 to 10.Enjoy the engaging voice on each tap and make the learning a real fun. After recognition of numbers you will go to the next level of the game. Count the images and drop them into the basket. Pop up toddlers number counting and keep on tapping the numbers with fantastic graphics. Your child will love this game because of its attractive images and voices. So, feel free and download learn to count app to get the latest information for your kids.

• Educational games for kids 
• Easy to use because of its user friendly interface
• Great sound effects
• Beautiful HD illustrations and a rich narrative on every page
• Enjoy numerous engaging and fun animations on each page
• Help parents teach their kids


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