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MeDAS - Social Health App

15 May 2023 App Of The Day

MeDAS - Social Health App

by MeDAS - Social Health App

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  • MeDAS - Social Health App
  • MeDAS - Social Health App
  • MeDAS - Social Health App
  • MeDAS - Social Health App
  • MeDAS - Social Health App
  • MeDAS - Social Health App
  • MeDAS - Social Health App
  • MeDAS - Social Health App

MeDAS is an innovative digital health bank where users can keep creating their health database which is retrievable via a single QR code. It has components of logging of symptoms of users, health evaluation & curated health profiling by experts. It also creates your virtual health Avatar that grows with you. Finally, it has social space for the Doctors & Patients community.

Why Use MeDAS?

● It is a social health app that helps where individuals can form a social community with other patients facing similar symptoms.
● Maintain a health profile by tracking your medical history by uploading your earlier medical reports, medications, medical practitioner’s prescriptions etc.
● A unique platform to form doctor's social community
● Platform to maintain the proper database of health reports
● Unique patient ID and QR code through which doctors can know about the full medical history of the patient. It will help the doctor to start the treatment efficiently.
● Health Avatar gives you a virtual representation of a patient's health information.
● Earn lucrative cashback in your MeDAS wallet whenever you contribute to this app or refer it to others.

Components of MeDAS

1. For Patients
⮚ Social Health

Patients share their health symptoms and medical history. Individuals facing similar symptoms or having a similar medical history can connect. The social health percentage will indicate the user's contribution to the app.

⮚ Medical Database

Create your customized records of health database regarding your visits to OPDs/ Discharge/Other Medical History. Patients can share it through their patient ID or QR code.

⮚ Symptoms Logger
Add your symptoms on our app and get advice from expert medical practitioners registered on this digital platform.

⮚ Health Avatar
Get your health avatar after a health evaluation to get a virtual representation of yourself once you have added your symptoms.

⮚ Systemic Checkup
Patients can run their diagnostic test once the lab reports have been submitted on this health app after the health evaluation.

⮚ Social Community
Share your illness, previous medical history and present health condition by creating a social community through our platform.

⮚ Digital Healthbank
MeDAS social health digital locker will save all your health consultations that are received through MeDAS.

⮚ MeDAS Health Wallet
Get cashback on contributing to this health monitoring app by referring it to your family or friends and using this digital platform’s services.

2. For Doctors
⮚ Patient Database

Doctors can access the patient database through Patient ID or QR Code.

⮚ Case Catalogue
Share your experience of rare and interesting cases with the medical fraternity.

⮚ Doctor Community
Digital platform for doctors' social community where medical practitioners registered with us can connect.

⮚ Doctor Login
Only qualified doctors can register with our app as while registration the medical practitioners will be required to enter their medical registration details to avoid fake listings of doctors.

⮚ Health Videos
Create educational videos on a specific illness or symptoms to make aware patients of their health and fitness through the MeDAS social health app.

Be the part of this social health app and create a social community through wide range of features such as symptoms checker, health profile creation, consultation with health experts etc. Track & monitor your health by maintaining proper record of your medical history and get medical advice from our expert doctors.

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