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Mileage Tracker by MileageWise

11 Jan 2023 App Of The Day

Mileage Tracker by MileageWise

by MileageWise Inc.

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  • Mileage Tracker by MileageWise
  • Mileage Tracker by MileageWise
  • Mileage Tracker by MileageWise
  • Mileage Tracker by MileageWise
  • Mileage Tracker by MileageWise
  • Mileage Tracker by MileageWise
  • Mileage Tracker by MileageWise
  • Mileage Tracker by MileageWise

Track your trips automatically with our mileage tracker app or convert your trips recorded by Google into a 100% IRS-Proof mileage log - MileageWise is perfect for both solutions.

Save $12,000 a year with tax deductions using our software.

Missing some trips? We’ll rebuild your past mileage log for chosen years with our AI-powered software.

Looking for a team solution? MileageWise is 100% compatible with mileage reimbursement.


Try our mile tracker app for free for 14 days - without ANY commitment.

MileageWise is the only car mileage logging software on the US market that is capable of creating IRS-Proof mileage logs for both ongoing and retrospective purposes.

MileageWise consists of an automatic mileage logbook app and a web dashboard platform:

1. Mileage Tracker App:

  • Choose from 3+1 automatic mile tracking modes
  • Display companies near your current location + save them to your client list
  • Manage multiple cars on one phone + manage one car on multiple phones
  • Company name and POI search to save clients
  • Set the sensitivity of the client recognition radius

2. Web Dashboard:

You only have to visit our Web Dashboard platform for 7 minutes at the end of each month to assemble your IRS mileage log from the trips you had recorded previously.

Use our AdWise feature to fill in the gaps in your mileage log, then our very own Built-in IRS Auditor function will check and correct 70 logical contradictions that can occur in your mileage log - ensuring that it’s 100% IRS-Proof.


A few features you’ll love about MileageWise:

  • Google Maps Timeline trip conversion to IRS-Proof mileage log
  • Mileage Log Concierge Service - We’ll rebuild your mileage log from scratch
  • Automatic classification of business and personal trips
  • 3+1 automatic drive detection modes: Vehicle Movement / Car Bluetooth / Phone Charging / Manual
  • Maximized deduction of business expenses
  • Optimized for small business owners & self-employed mileage deduction
  • Quick live phone support with our Customer Success Manager
  • Mileage log export to Excel & PDF
  • Secure data storage in the cloud
  • Teams Dashboard possibility for mileage reimbursement
  • FreshBooks & Waze integration amongst others
  • Bulk trip & client import from other programs
  • MileageWise values your privacy


Compare MileageWise with other mileage apps

“I’ve lost my trips for a previous year and need them back”

You can rebuild mileage logs for entire years using our Mileage Log Recovery function.

“I don’t have enough time to make my own mileage log.”

If it seems too much of a hassle to you, we’ll do the entire task for you with our Mileage Log Concierge Service.

Once you’ve provided us with the data we need to work with, our mileage log experts will take care of your mileage log, ensuring that you’ll get the highest possible amount of tax money while remaining 100% IRS-Proof.

Our Mileage Log Concierge Service is available for both ongoing and retrospective mileage logs.

Try the MileageWise mileage logbook app for 14 days for free - all functions included, no credit card needed.

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