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04 May 2018 App Of The Day


by Techtic Solutions

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  • MyBabyQs

MyBabyQ's is majorly a cause than an app where all the parents and parents to-be will enjoy the company of one another by answering plethora of questions. 

The app is beautifully crafted with following features:

The geo-location is very important when you have a question related to the child. This ensures that its a nearby community of parents, who can support each other by giving a more precise/relevant answer because in 25 miles radius parents will have the same toy stores, paediatricians, schools, apparel stores, weather conditions and much more. Geo-location based system will also help parents filter and analyse majority of the questions.

When a question is asked each question will have multiple answers from different parents. A father/mother knows the best answer for the child and hence will be able to choose any answer, rate the answer and will be able to open message stream.

The instant messaging with other parents/parents to-be will help you share the issue in greater detail with the precise answer. Since this is geo-location based the instant message can possibly convert into moms groups and communities.

Since there are lot of matching conditions in the few miles radius, it highly increases the probability of getting accurate answers in few clicks.

The app will also offer the relevant feed to each parent based on the age bracket of their child, which will remove the irrelevant QnA and will only ensure that the parents are getting what they really need. Our smart algorithms have managed to put together a perfect algorithm to offer the most optimum feed to the parents. The feed has the question with the highest rated answer from the parent, which is reliable enough. The feed has the ability to comment or like the QnAs to further involve parents into open dialogue.

Our messaging system is made with most advanced technology with ability to close the chat from mother/father if they don't wish to communicate further with the other party. The chat also offers advanced emojis to improve your expressions.

This parenting mobile application will be highly useful for parenting resources, parenting tips, parenting advices, child questions and much more. This revolution of building a close community of parents who happen to have common yet most bothering questions with little or no answer.

Help MyBabyQ's app create a success story for parents to get plethora of answers for every single question.

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