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Nini Book

23 Jan 2017 App Of The Day

Nini Book

by Claude Newman

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A life of baby is an exciting adventure starting with the very first moments. It is filled with important steps, funny facts and moments that parents wish to track, cherish and treasure in their memory forever. The Nini Book application offers a simple, safe and picturesque way to create a long lasting track of your baby's development, progress and most precious moments. You can track the development easily with Nini Book's timeline, displaying all the moments, milestones and photo albums at the same time. You can share the moments easily with your partner, family and friends. Together you can track, edit or add the most important steps in your baby's development. You can also print your photo books and create an unique present for you and your loved ones.

- TRACK AND ORGANIZE BABY'S DEVELOPMENT: Nini Book's lovely timeline will enable you to track the most important or funny moments in the exciting life of your baby. Document special dates, save the most important photos and create a journal of the wonderful moments. The timeline will offer you a complete overview of all documented changes in the development and progress of your baby.
- CREATE A PHOTO BOOK – A TREASURY OF WONDERFUL PHOTO MOMENTS: Select photos, that have marked the most beautiful adventures or funny baby accidents with interesting comments, add witty comments and join them into the unforgettable album of your baby. Create a picturesque journal in a few moments for each of your children and use a variety of templates that the application is offering. The application is user friendly, so that each of your little family members of all ages can enjoy browsing through photos that marked their childhood until that moment together with their parents.
- TRACK YOUR BABY'S MOST IMPORTANT MILESTONES: Tracking your baby's growth has never been that easy! The first smile, the first tooth, the first step, first words or even its first birthday party, first visit at doctor's will create the most precious moment in the life of any parent. And with Nini Book application you will turn them into a long lasting memory.
- SHARE WITH YOUR PARTNER, FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Invite your partner, family members (grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and other relatives), other mommies and friends to look at and contribute to your baby journal. It is so nice to observe each important event of your little one right from the start. It is even nicer when the progress it is making, can be shared and followed by all the people that care for your baby.
Enjoy a shared unforgettable experience the Nini Book application is offering and join in with your partner to co-create the most memorable moments in the life of your baby.
- ORDER YOUR NINI BOOK: The photos, that marked the most beautiful adventures and small accidents, can be upgraded with an interesting remark or a witty comment. In this way your unique Nini book is made, then you can print and treasure your long lasting memory or surprise someone with an excellent gift. Your baby will be always close to people that love it and those that want to spend as much time as possible with it. Nini Book enables you to create a baby photo album or a book, tailored to each individual. A personalized book will be a beautiful present for you and your loved ones!

Download Nini Book today and start treasuring the baby moments that will stay with you forever.

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