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OkStaff Attendance & Pagar Manager app - OkCredit

03 Mar 2021 App Of The Day

OkStaff Attendance & Pagar Manager app - OkCredit

by Psi Phi Global Pvt Ltd

  • OkStaff Attendance & Pagar Manager app - OkCredit
  • OkStaff Attendance & Pagar Manager app - OkCredit
  • OkStaff Attendance & Pagar Manager app - OkCredit
  • OkStaff Attendance & Pagar Manager app - OkCredit
  • OkStaff Attendance & Pagar Manager app - OkCredit
  • OkStaff Attendance & Pagar Manager app - OkCredit
  • OkStaff Attendance & Pagar Manager app - OkCredit

Paybooks & attendance record books are so 2020, where manual bahi khata was considered factual. If you're looking for an ultimate Pagar app, employee attendance app, or attendance register then OkStaff is the one for you. Created by OkCredit (online bahi khata), it's the best app to digitize payroll, work documents, salary book, & a smart staff attendance app.

OkStaff can be your digital payment book, staff payments ledger, or the ideal staff attendance reminder app.

Is OkStaff useful for Business/Company?

👉 Removes the need for different attendance app & salary book or software & creating a secure space for all profiles & staff payroll. 
👉Keep openness with staff - no trust issues & errors to calculate employee attendance, pending dues & daily wages.
👉OkStaff's India’s best Pagar app & attendance app that gives you Payment reminders, upcoming dues, plus accurate calculation system for smoother daily work management.

OkStaff Features

✅Easily manageable salary management app of all employees
✅Acting as a digital pagar khata app, OkStaff helps you in managing staff attendance, salary book & record offline or payroll
✅Timely records of salary, leaves & attendance register along with the advantage of downloadable salary slips
✅An effective staff payments ledger app to keep track of daily tasks & manage money better
✅Payroll management based on- hourly, daily, weekly & monthly basis
✅Accurate daily wage & payroll calculator

OkStaff Benefits
📒Easy To Manage Employee Salary Book & Attendance Register
This Pagar app manages all staff salaries/wages depending on- monthly, daily, hourly, weekly, or item basis.

📖Eliminates Employee Attendance Record Books
Record staff attendance by full, half-day, overtime, or absent

💰Works like an Ultimate Salary Manager
Add/Edit/Remove salary & payment details along with the benefit of automatic calculation with OkStaff pagar app

✔Accurate Salary Management App
Salary & wages are calculated accurately depending on the number of days worked, leaves or half days leaves plus the benefit of generating online staff salary slips minus the bahi khata

📩Download Salary Slips & Reports
This digital salary khata lets you download the salary report & attendance register in PDF & share it with staff members

💯100% Safe 
It’s not just a free app or bahi khata but also 100% secure attendance app. And, the data is auto-linked to your mobile number to keep a safe record of it


Q- Is OkStaff a generic attendance app or your regular salary management system?
Ans- OkStaff is not just your attendance app or salary manager, it works as an accurate attendance register to administer employee attendance along with keeping track of payroll

Q- Does OkStaff function as a staff management app or an online payment book?
Ans- OkStaff by Okcredit Udhar Bahi Khata works both as a staff management app, attendance register, online payment book, & also a salary management app all in one

Q- Do you need to install any other staff attendance app or keep attendance record books if you’ve installed OkStaff by OkCredit Udhar Bahi Khata?
Ans- No, you don’t need any other software to act as a staff attendance app or maintain attendance record books if you use this

Q- Is Salary payment, employee attendance, & leave management easier with OkStaff?
Ans- Yes, all your issues related to having a salary manager, payment book or curating an online attendance register & attendance app is taken care of smoothly by it

Q- How to calculate employee attendance & salary payment together in OkStaff for every employee?
Ans- Employee Attendance & Salary Payment option is built in the OkStaff by Okcredit Udhar Bahi Khata. All you need to do is add profiles & the attendance register plus salary management app easily comes into display

With OkStaff attendance app- leave your worries & get wooed by this Staff Management app!

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