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Oll3H: Say Hello to Connecting

Oll3H: Say Hello to Connecting

by Oll3H: Say Hello to Connecting

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  • Oll3H: Say Hello to Connecting
  • Oll3H: Say Hello to Connecting
  • Oll3H: Say Hello to Connecting
  • Oll3H: Say Hello to Connecting
  • Oll3H: Say Hello to Connecting
  • Oll3H: Say Hello to Connecting
  • Oll3H: Say Hello to Connecting

Oll3H was crafted to bring the world together, reduce paper waste, and provide an advanced platform for people to organize and maintain their connections. The easy-to-use privacy features allow users to have full control over their personal information. The creative design makes connecting and sharing information quick and efficient.

By replacing paper business cards, providing an easier way to share social media handles, and enabling opportunities to meet new friends on campus, Oll3H is paving the way for building meaningful relationships. As an added perk, every Hello generated by a QR scan accumulates points for charity donations. Each point is allocated to the charity of your choice through the app providing each user the power to contribute.

Customize the sharable details in your four Oll3H cards:
- Business Card – share info from your website to email to LinkedIn profile and more!
- Social Card – share your number, interests, social media handles, and everything in between!
- Student Card – share your school email, major, extra-curricular, and more!
- Just Saying Hello – just say hello and grow your charitable donations!

- Filter your contacts according to business, social, or school connections, hobbies, occupations, recent connections, and even when and where you met!
- Invite your current contacts to download Oll3H and update their information so that you can fill in the gaps.
- Free messaging options and in-app calling with optional video chat.

- You have total control over your contact info. Even after you’ve given out your details, you can take back the info you’ve shared with your contacts.
- Keep your contacts up to date even as your information changes and vice versa.
- Edit your contacts’ privacy access and control who sees your information.
- No screenshotting for Android. Screenshot Notification for Apple.
- Report/Block/Unblock users.

- Let Oll3H introduce you to more people with radar. It’s easy to meet the right people (in person) with the Oll3H app. Radar can open up possibilities by helping make that first conversation much easier.
- The radar option allows you to find people on Oll3H within 1000 feet (who have allowed this privacy option).
- Search for new connections with Oll3H’s Community Search option. Find people based on their public profile information – company, university, interests, keywords and more!

- Do new connections contribute to making the world a better place? They will with Oll3H! Every time you meet a new person and connect via QR code, you rack up points that Oll3H will donate monetarily to charities.
- Oll3H is cleaning up the world, one paper-wasting business card at a time. Share your business, social, and student contact information in a more environmentally friendly way!

Oll3H is part of Iinsha apps – an app development company on a mission to connect people and make the world a better place. We love your feedback! Send us your comments from the settings page of the Oll3H app or email us at customerservice@iinshaapps.com.

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