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Omni Veil - Receive travel alerts & info

Omni Veil - Receive travel alerts & info

by Mobiman

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  • Omni Veil - Receive travel alerts & info
  • Omni Veil - Receive travel alerts & info

The Omni Veil app delivers safety alerts, municipal alerts and travel information for nearby roads and highways within the state of Florida using Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) data, Police Department data and Water District data. It delivers notifications to mobile devices using proximity devices (iBeacons). Once enabled you will receive notifications on your mobile device that can be selected to view safety alerts and travel info such as Police and Security events, water restrictions, road closures and preset detours (with mapping support). Notification selection will open private web content or Apple Wallet passes that provide detailed info. Messaging will provide much faster direct access to private content that is specific to Omni Veil (not simply existing web pages). Messages will pertain to localized safety alerts, municipal alerts and travel info so that users do not need to search for information including detours around closed road or highway segments.

In addition to messages delivered when in proximity to an iBeacon, Omni Veil supports scheduled push messaging to ensure that users get alerts, travel info when it matters.

- Safety alert messaging is delivered when you are in a location where a safety alert is important (i.e. the event is nearby). This ensures that all messages can be taken seriously and should not be ignored. Notifications include a description of the security event and steps that can be taken to avoid injury.

- Travel information messages regarding activity on roadways where transportation authorities wish to alert travelers of hazards or delays in the user’s vicinity. These may include crash information, weather hazards such as flooding, roadway construction, etc.

Simply install the app and notifications will be sent to you when you are near locations where safety alerts, municipal alerts and travel info matter the most to help keep you and your family safe and informed. No personal info such as your name, email address or phone number are collected by this app.

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