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On My Way

20 Jan 2020 App Of The Day

On My Way

by Mobiman

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On My Way a brainchild of On My Way LLC, MI, seeks to help the truck and trailer owners who are constantly traveling to earn an income from their special skills and equipment. These people are only required to register as On My Way Agents and they can tap into the numerous moneymaking opportunities that are available.  After creating a user profile, one can do the following: 

-    Enter a description of the services that he or she is willing to offer. 
-    Tap the “Advertise Profile” to instantly become an agent. 
-    Turn off the advertisement to resume their journey without having to offer any services. 

This app is created in such a way that it helps the agent to enjoy the following features right successfully creating their profile: 
-    To view their profile and the description of their services. These details include their name, location, profile photos, as well as photos of their truck or the equipment they own. 
-    They can view their ratings. 

The other users of this app are those who are in need of the services and equipment that the skilled truck drivers have to offer. These people can access the following features upon successfully creating their user profiles: 
-    They can view the services being offered 
-    They can check the online status of the On My Way agents
-    They can view the ratings of various agents, as well as leave their ratings and reviews. 

On my way is a must-have for all those who would like to either offer their skills and equipment and for those who would like to be on the receiving end.  If you are a plumber, painter, or an expert in roofing, you can rely on the On My Way app to earn an income as you travel. There is 3 months free trial you can take advantage of, after which you can pay for the skills and equipment you want to utilize on a monthly basis.

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