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PDF Reader & All PDF Viewer

17 Jan 2024 App Of The Day

PDF Reader & All PDF Viewer

by Vasu infotech

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  • PDF Reader & All PDF Viewer
  • PDF Reader & All PDF Viewer
  • PDF Reader & All PDF Viewer
  • PDF Reader & All PDF Viewer
  • PDF Reader & All PDF Viewer

In pandemic times, working from home and online classes are new trends, and sending scanned documents in PDF is necessary. Not everyone can have a scanner. This is a smart and innovative app. PDF Reader & All PDF Viewer is a free pdf scanner app. With your smartphone, you can scan multiple documents with one touch.

The PDF Reader & All PDF Viewer provides you with a high-resolution PDF that allows you to scan, edit, and crop multiple docs, ID cards and books, papers, and ID photos on a camera scanner. This Pdf converter app was developed with children in mind. It has a simple interface That allows children to easily share with a PDF converter document scanner.

#Features for the Application PDF Reader App: Pdf converter.
👉Scan document.📃
How amazing it is that whether you are at school or in the office, day or night, on a train or the bus, you can scan pdf expertly. Isn't it?
Document scan with one tap.
Quickly scan multiple certificates and papers.
Scan anywhere and anytime.

👉Manually cropping.📐
Even your five-year-old boy can scan and crop his cute drawing and share it with his teacher. Yuppie scored an A+ in an online drawing class.
Import images from storage and crop them manually.
Click the image directly from the PDF document scanner app, edit, crop, and save.
Erase imperfections and remove stains and marks.

👉Enhance brightness and contrast.🔆
Your house, you received the inheritance, and the document also looks like heritage?
Scan the document, crop manually, and enhance the brightness.
Change the desired contrast level.
Fix the lighting and convert the old documents into new ones.

👉Converts docs into PDFs and PNGs.🔗
This is the last date of submission of the college form, and you only have a physical copy. photo scan right now!
Scan a physical document, and turn it into PDF.
Scan ID proof, convert to PNG.
Share it in PDF and PNG format.

👉Distribute PDF files.📲
Send the poor document’s image on WhatsApp. Turn it into a good quality scan copy!
Easily import images from storage.
Convert to PDF.
Share it with multiple sharing PDF Reader App: PDF converter app options.

👉Crop the PDF imported document.✂
I have a PDF with a poor-quality image copy that I want to crop and edit.
Easily import the PDF file from storage.
Crop the PDF manually.
Enhance the brightness and save it.

👉Save in PDF and PNG format.📥
The popular bitmap image format on the Internet is the PNG format!
Save a scanned copy in PDF or PNG format.
Convert PDF to PNG.
Convert photo to pdf.

👉Offer 24 types of filters.💫
We didn’t upload a selfie without applying the filter, why should we save the PDF without the filter?
Multiple types of filters for the betterment of scanned documents
Use sharpen to sharpen the text and make it more legible.
Duo-Tone, Tint, Flip Horizontally, Flip Vertically, Grey, Lighten, Lime, and many more filters.

👉Offline mode📵
The PDF maker process is completely offline and does not require an internet connection.
No internet connection is required.
Work without the use of wi-fi and mobile data.

The PDF Reader & All PDF Viewer app senses the edge of the document, users want to scan for better quality scanning automatically. Users can scan and manage all types of paper documents with a mobile scanner, jpg to pdf converterimage to pdf converterword to pdf app, including receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, and certificates.

Users can select photos from the storage or click or scan a document with a document scanner app from their camera. Easily apply and remove the watermark as per requirements. The PDF Scanner app is simple to use, with a pdf reader & pdf viewer. Cropping and filtering, in addition to scanning, increase the visibility of your documents.

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