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Qibla Compass Azan Prayer time

08 Sep 2021 App Of The Day

Qibla Compass Azan Prayer time

by zamenplay

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  • Qibla Compass Azan Prayer time
  • Qibla Compass Azan Prayer time
  • Qibla Compass Azan Prayer time

For every Muslim, Prayer Al Salat is of more importance than any other activity . Not only to offer prayer but in time as well . Now a days we are so busy in our social life and routine business schedule so that we may not miss the Prayer time during our meetings and Tough schedule. Here is the solution Qibla Compass صلاتك . After installation this Free application you will not miss the prayer timings as it will alert you on the time of all prayers. Also this application have settings to set according to your sect i.e Fiqa Hanmbali, Fiqa Shafi , Fiqa Maalik, Fiqa Jaafria .Set your location using GPS, or finding location manually by searching (Without Internet)

Qibla Compass:

People travel a lot in different regions of the country or world ,so they don't know the exact direction of the Qibla in Makkah. Qibla Compass Al-Moazin Prayer time app have also Qibla Compass to find the Qibla direction . It calculates the exact direction using GPS navigation.

Qiblah Map

Directions will be displayed on map so you ll easily get the Qibla Direction.

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