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Qibla Direction

27 Dec 2018 App Of The Day

Qibla Direction

by Asghar Adeem

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Qibla Direction is a smartphone application that helps muslim mobile user across world in finding the exact Qibla direction. Salah timings is an additional feature that can help them offer prayers on time. Muslims can understand Qibla direction easily by beautifuly designed Qibla compass.Find Qibla anywhere anytime.
Offering prayer is a necessary part of a muslims life. It is also important to find accurate Qibla Directions otherwise prayers will not be accepted by Allah. Qibla direction have the solution of all the problems related to prayer. It can offer you accurate namaz timings also.
Using Qibla direction you can
* Find Qibla Directions accurately anywhere anytime
* Find Qibla location online and offline
*Salah Timings for muslims
* Automatic notifier at every salah time
* Beautiful UI Design
* Can Find direction like compass
Qibla direction have both most important features for a muslims daily life. Download the app and be blessed.

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