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Quanstapp - Option Strategy Optimizer

05 Feb 2022 App Of The Day

Quanstapp - Option Strategy Optimizer

by Quantsapp

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  • Quanstapp - Option Strategy Optimizer
  • Quanstapp - Option Strategy Optimizer
  • Quanstapp - Option Strategy Optimizer
  • Quanstapp - Option Strategy Optimizer
  • Quanstapp - Option Strategy Optimizer
  • Quanstapp - Option Strategy Optimizer
  • Quanstapp - Option Strategy Optimizer
  • Quanstapp - Option Strategy Optimizer

30+ FREE Option Trading Tools, 200 hours of FREE Learning videos & 48 total Option tools makes us Largest Options Analytics platform of India.

What to expect?
• Dedicated Options Analytics Platform made for Traders by Traders
• 30+ FREE Tools
• Widest available tools in the industry
• 1 Premium Algorithm for creating Option Strategy from 200 mn. combinations
• 1 Premium Options Back-testing first in the country
• Large bank of Options Trading videos free of cost

Tools Available:
• Option Strategy Optimizer
• Option Strategy Manager
• Option Back-testing
• Implied Volatility Analysis
• Option Triggers
• Synopsis
• Open Interest
• Future Built-up
• Option Chain
• Option Pain
• Option Gain
• Rollover
• Ban List
• FII Data
• Result Calendar
• Span Calculator
• Greeks Calculator
• Strategy Greeks
• Mark to Market/PnL alerts

About us
Quantsapp is backed by industry veterans who have spent over 15 years of their lives trading Options, have managed thousands of Crore of funds & are well known media personalities.
CEO: Mr. Shubham Agarwal, CMT, CFA, CQF, CFTe
President: Mr. Bhavin Desai

Our Mission
There have been multiple developments on the Proprietary & Institutional side of trading where intelligent algo's are placing orders. Retail traders a) limited capital b) lack of knowledge c) lack of time, etc. fall prey to highly sophisticated trading algorithms.
Our goal is to equip Retail Traders with intelligent Algorithms via. Tools at much affordable cost & without putting much of knowledge they can be placed well in the battle of Future & Options.

Core Optimizer Algorithm
Have you been trading Options other than Long Call / Put, Spreads? Don’t worry more than 95% people don’t explore or lack the knowledge of other ones. On a normal single expiry with 65 strikes on an Instrument there are ~200 million possibilities of creating an option strategy. Surprised? It’s the fact. Human minds are not capable enough to process this but computers can.
This tool optimizes your forecast on an Instrument by taking your inputs of Target, Stop Loss, etc. to find one of the optimal fit to maximize your profit potential. The product is designed such that beginners can adapt it in few minutes whereas experts have a lot to explore by customizing it.
Commonly known 40+ strategies it covers:Directional Strategies,Bullish Bearish, Volatiliy strategies & Oscillating Strategies Long Call/Put, Short Call/Put, Bull Call /Bear Put Spread, Bull Put/Bear Call Spread, Bear Call/Bull Call Ladder, Call Back spread, Ratio Call Spread, Long Call Butterfly, Put Ladder, Put Back spread, Ratio Put Spread, Long Put Butterfly, Guts, Straddle, Strangle, Strap, Strip, Short Iron Butterfly, Calendar Call, Calendar Put, Diagonal Call, Diagonal Put, Short Guts, Short Straddle, Short Strangle, Condor, Long Iron Butterfly etc.

Other Tools

Option Strategy Manager: Create option strategy, track Greeks/MTM’s, analyze payoffs and set MTM alerts

Option Back-testing: Backtest Custom Option Single to Multi-leg Strategies profitability on the fly.

Open Interest: Analyze the open interest behaviour with unique approach of custom time

Synopsis: Bird's eye view of Future's built-up Via Heat Map

Future Built-up: Track stocks with OI built-ups

Option Chain: Track the entire Option chain along-with Greeks

Option Pain: A study looked at for a possible expiry level which is indicated by payoff of option writer as a whole

Option Gain: Unique approach by us to modify option pain for premium received

IV: Introducing complete Volatility suite with addition of indicators like IVR/IVP. New feature lets you view Historical behaviour of IV, HV and its indicators to perfect your Option Trade

PCR: Analyze the Put call Ratio behaviour of all stocks and indices like Nifty, Banknifty etc.

Participant Data: Track the FII, DII, Retail Clients and Prop books participation for decoding market trends

Ban List
Result Calendar
Option Calculator: with Greeks
Span Calculator:

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