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Ready phrase for Chat

Ready phrase for Chat

by Hamilton TenĂ³rio da Silva

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  • Ready phrase for Chat
  • Ready phrase for Chat
  • Ready phrase for Chat
  • Ready phrase for Chat
  • Ready phrase for Chat
  • Ready phrase for Chat
  • Ready phrase for Chat

Do you send similar messages through the messenger program (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, SMS, etc.), frequent way? Then this is the right app for you!

With this app you prepare your messages and, whenever you need to send one, just choose and send to a contact person or a group of messengers of these programs. You can even edit the content at the time of shipment, without saving. So you personalize the message for a particular delivery but keeps the original for future use.

Ideal for companies that provide SAC services with the use of instant messaging, professionals, personal trainer and any other activity that has these messaging programs like fast communication tool.

You can create new messages at any time. The basic version allows up to 10 different phrases at no cost. For sentences there is the option to acquire a package of unlimited phrases of indefinite use.

Examples of use:

- Company SAC, with the most common phrases that are used in the responses.
- Coach, to communicate with students through orientation or events.
- Standalone, to pass your contact details (phone, email, address, etc.).
- Teacher, to send students information and exercises.
- Event Coordinator to guide guests on local / event date.
- A person physics, to say good morning to your friends.
- Messaging on working hours on holidays, long weekends, special days.
- Messaging with bank details to receive payments.
- Shipping address for customer remove material.
- Many other uses!

Along with the message you can send your geographic location right now. This helps when you want to warn a contact where you are at any given time.

The choice of standard messenger is done via the settings screen. It is as basic choice for sending your messages. However, each message, you can choose another program, very simply. The standard is maintained, but that particular message will be sent through the selected program at that time.

Some cases you'll need to send along with the message to its geographical location. No problem, having previously defined in the settings that the shipment is released, just set this need that the message will be sent with a link to the map indicating their location.

Important: you need to have the desired messenger program installed on your device. This application does not replace the official messenger program. The names of the above messengers are owned by third parties and have no connection with these companies.

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