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Secret Tree - Spread The Word

11 Aug 2016 App Of The Day

Secret Tree - Spread The Word

by LifeStyle Guru

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  • Secret Tree - Spread The Word

Keeping secrets is what every person does. Love, friendship, dreams and plans — write down all the precious moments of your life in your personal journal. However, Secret Tree is not just a diary, but a social net where you cand share, find and follow blogs. The level of publicity is up to you!

● SECRETS and PUBLIC posts
Public posts: share your thoughts, favourite images and photos with everyone.
Secrets: tag the post as secret and you will be the only one able to see it.

Write pragraphs of any length and add the title.
Add images or photos to your posts to create beautiful memories.

Choose hashtags from the list or create your own.
Add hashtags to your posts so that more people can find them.

Select the topics you are interested in and get daily updates from other users.
Find people with similar interests and make up your personal newsfeed

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