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Segments rainbow series

Segments rainbow series


  • Segments rainbow series
  • Segments rainbow series

“Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” — Pablo Picasso

Segments is a curated set of original animated stickers only for iMessage on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Every conversation has a beginning and an end, and that’s where Segments come in. This isn’t your typical sticker pack. Artful and inspired, each sticker is digitally crafted to set the mood and evoke emotion with every chat bubble. Featuring translucency and fluid motion, messages are now more captivating, more alive and more fun with Segments.


– Seven circular chromatic translucent motion stickers, each designed with a unique expression.

– Ultra smooth, high frame rate, endless pirouette animations.

– Beautiful complementary, analogous and tetrad harmonies derived from a bespoke palette spectrum. 

– Super energetic brights and deep vivid darks balanced by tint, tone and shade variations.

– VoiceOver audio descriptions.¹

– Touch and hold sticker, then drag to add to a message bubble.

– Tap sticker to add to a message.

1. VoiceOver audio descriptions available on accessibility enabled devices.

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