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Status Keeper for WhatsApp

Status Keeper for WhatsApp

by Marco Gomez

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  • Status Keeper for WhatsApp
  • Status Keeper for WhatsApp
  • Status Keeper for WhatsApp
  • Status Keeper for WhatsApp
  • Status Keeper for WhatsApp

Status Keeper for WhatsApp

Status Keeper for WhatsApp; View and save WhatsApp status

Status Keeper for WhatsApp allows you to view, save and share the status of your contacts, in many devices, it also will allow you to see the status without entering them and your contact will not know that you saw whatsapp status.

☆ Why can\'t I see all status in the recent tab?
Usually you have to see them in WhatsApp first, at least open the Status tab inside WhatsApp

☆ Why has a status disappeared from the recent tab?
WhatsApp Status allows you to share photos, videos and animated GIFs that disappear after 24 hours. So, when a status disappear from WhatsApp, it disappears from our app too, unless you have previously saved the status

☆ How can I save a status?
You can do either from the icon at the bottom middle of each status in the recent tab or open a status and tap the save button at top-right corner

☆ How can I share a Status?
Easy! Tap on whatever status you want to share, then, at the top-right corner you can see two buttons; the former with a circle shape to share with WhatsApp or post the file in your Status, the other, to select the app to share with

☆ How about data consumption by saving a status?
Don\'t worry, saving a status has no data consumption associated with

☆ Why the app require storage permission?
We need the storage permission to be able to save the status in your device

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