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Super Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster

16 Sep 2019 App Of The Day

Super Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster

by Bhima Apps

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  • Super Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster
  • Super Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster
  • Super Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster
  • Super Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster
  • Super Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster
  • Super Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster
  • Super Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster
  • Super Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster

Super Phone Cleaner is a fast and amazing tool to get rid of all the junk on your phone and make it run smoothly again as it was brand new. 

Super Phone Cleaner is an android app which helps to remove junk files from your android device with just one touch, clear cache & boost your phone’s speed and performance. 

Super Phone Cleaner also optimizes your phone batter by stopping the power-draining apps running in the background with just one touch. It also shows battery temperature. 

Is your phone performance slow? 
✔ Install this Super Phone Cleaner / booster app. This amazing app is one of the best optimization tools with space cleaner, junk cleaner & free up space and RAM to improve your phone performance. 

This Super Cleaner app can boost your phone speed by removing junk or cache files and freeing up RAM. We strongly recommend that everyone should remove the junk files which are useless. 

Junk files can affect your device speed or system performance. Removing junk or cache files will boost your device or system speed and performance and it doesn’t cause any damage to your Android device.

Apart from affecting the performance of the device, it also consumes storage and RAM space of your device so we recommend removing junk file on daily basis. 

✔ Junk File Cleaner 
One-Touch Junk cleaner, one of the best powerful junk cleaner for android phones & advanced system optimizer. This app is very effective & easy to use for your android device & help to remove junk or cache file safely. 

✔ Deep Clean 
Find the most of the junk or cache files that were not convenient to clean. You will now see where all the junk is hiding on your phone. Elegant and powerful, is what this app is all about. Grab this all-rounder super phone cleaner app to keep your phone a well cleaned device. 

✔ Battery Saver, Optimizer and booster 
Super Phone Cleaner helps to kill battery draining apps to save battery power by one tap & whenever your phone battery is low, you can use this Super Cleaner App. 

✔ App Usage 
You can monitor app usage & track time spent on your phone. A list of apps will appear with their usage (today, yesterday and last 7 days). You will see the amount of time in hours and minutes that each app was used in the last 7 days or last 24 hours. 
It also helps to keep close watch how your kids are using their mobile phones. 

✔ Memory Booster 
Clean unnecessary background apps & process, make your android phone faster & save your battery power. This app can free up memory & boost your phone speed. 

✔ App Manager 
Easily manage your all downloaded apps (Uninstall, Backup & Share). You can uninstall the unwanted app directly from the App Manager option in the Super Phone Cleaner app.

✔ Device Storage & SD Card Storage Analyzer 
Beautiful representation of memory allocation on your device & SD card. 

✔ With this Super Phone Cleaner / booster App, we give you a Memory Analyzer 
Memory Storage Analyzer to see how much memory each file or folder is using. See the files in explorer with their memory usage and sorted in descending order. 

Now you have the power to clean your phone from unwanted files and data and boost its speed and performance.
Download from Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bhima.speedboosterplus

Our goal is to create a Super Junk Cleaner App that is so easy to use & help users have best experience. So it would be great if you download & use our Super Cleaner & Junk Cleaner App. and write a review based on your experience with it.

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