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Sync Google Contacts & more

05 Jun 2024 App Of The Day

Sync Google Contacts & more

by grewon

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  • Sync Google Contacts & more
  • Sync Google Contacts & more
  • Sync Google Contacts & more

Tired of the duplicated numbers in your contacts list?

Looking for a simple, Organiser and 100% offline solution to clean, Organiser, and streamline your contacts? Look no further – Contacts OR Address book Cleaner & Organiser is here to rescue your address book.

Key Features

1. Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts:

• Say goodbye to the headache of multiple duplicate contacts. Our app identifies duplicates based on phone numbers, names, and email addresses. With a single tap, effortlessly merge and streamline your contacts.

2. Locate Contacts with Missing Phone Numbers:

• Missing phone numbers? No problem. Contacts Cleaner & Organiser helps you identify contacts without phone numbers, making sure you never lose touch with your important connections.

3. Birthday Sorting:

• Keep track of your friends and family's birthdays more easily. Our app lets you sort and filter contacts by their birthdates, ensuring you never miss an important celebration.

4. Backup & Import with Ease:

• Worried about losing your contacts during a device switch? We've got you covered. Back up your contacts and effortlessly import them with a single click whenever you need to.


• Sync Google with iPhone

• Sync 2 Google accounts

Privacy Assurance:

We understand the importance of privacy when it comes to your personal contacts. Contacts Cleaner & Organiser operates 100% offline, meaning your data stays on your device, and we never access or sync your contacts online. Your information remains secure and private.

Why Choose Contacts Cleaner & Organiser

User-Friendly: Our app is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users of all backgrounds.

Effective Cleaning: Say goodbye to contact chaos. Our app efficiently identifies and merges duplicates, ensuring your address book is clean and Organiser.

Save Time: No more manual cleaning or searching for contacts. We automate the process, saving you valuable time.

Privacy First: We value your privacy. With no cloud sync, your contacts remain confidential and secure on your device.

Clean up, organise, and take control of your contacts with Contacts Cleaner & Organiser. Download now to experience the easiest and most private way to manage your contacts effortlessly.

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