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Tarot Life

01 Jun 2021 App Of The Day

Tarot Life

by Tarot Reader

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Tarot Card Reading is an ancient practice that has been guiding mankind in the right direction since ages. We bring all the aspects of this mystic science in one application. With accurate advice and insights, Tarot Life empowers you to steer your life towards positivity, happiness, and growth.

From daily tarot predictions to tarot advice on love, career, finance, and health to numerology insights and detailed tarot spreads, it enables you to make every day count by providing you with a better understanding of your future!


Tarot Card Reading- Get the answers to your questions directly from the Universe by the medium of Tarot. Get accurate insights on your life with Single Card Tarot Reading and Three Card Tarot Reading.

-Daily Tarot Card Reading- Know how your day is going to fare and what you can do to make the most of it with Daily Tarot Predictions.
-Love Tarot Card Reading- Get a solution to the complications in your love life with profound Love Tarot predictions and advice. 
-Career Tarot Card Reading- Give a new shape to your career and take it to new heights with insightful Career Tarot Predictions and Analysis.
-Finance Tarot Card Reading- Let the power of Tarot help you get rid of all your financial woes and usher in prosperity in your lives.
-Yes/No Tarot Card Reading- Get a straightforward answer in a Yes or No to your question or doubt with Yes/No Tarot.
-True Love Spread- The most intriguing aspects of your love life will be revealed through the 6-Card True Love Spread.
-Career Path Spread- Any confusions related to your career, job or business will find their solutions in this detailed 7-Card Career Path Spread.
-Success Spread- Carve the way for financial and professional success through the insightful 5- Card Success Tarot Spread.
-Ask A Question- Get the most pressing questions of your life answered by an expert Tarot Reader. You can avail one free answer to your first question in this feature. And, after that it is our paid service which lets get guidance on love, career, money, health and much more. This feature requires a mandatory registration/login. We have also simplified the login process by introducing a Facebook login feature. 

Card Of The Day 
Let your Tarot Card Of The Day tell you the day’s prediction and about the things that lie ahead in the day in terms of love, career, and money. 

Tarot Card Meaning
Get in-depth knowledge about the 22 Major Arcana tarot cards and understand their significance and meaning in detail.

Know about your lucky numbers and find out how these numbers can determine your destiny, fate, personality, approach and life’s journey. Discover the importance of your Life Path Number, Destiny Number, Maturity Number, and Personality Number and how these numbers can change your life.

Tarot Life brings the entire world of Tarot Reading and Numerology in one application. It is exceptionally accurate, easy to understand, easy to navigate, informative, accurate, and user-friendly.

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