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09 Feb 2017 App Of The Day


by Ishnira Technologies

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  • TruWeather
  • TruWeather
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TruWeather is a free weather application that allows you to keep a track of weather in India and all around the world.

TruWeather is very user-friendly. It's features are:
1. Search - Just type in your city name to get its latest weather
2. See the weather for 5 days(including today) – Today, Tomorrow and Later (next 3 days)
3. Refresh - the app to load the latest weather data 
4. Settings – Temperature – set the temperature units in Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin 
5. Settings – Change unit settings for Wind speed, Air pressure, Rain 
6. Settings – Change the Date Format
7. Settings – Change the Background color, Dark theme
8. Settings – Differentiate dates with colors

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