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20 Oct 2018 App Of The Day


by unionsapp

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Unionsapp is the best place to connect with everything and everyone you love. Share updates, images, valuable resources, engage with like-minded people and explore business opportunities together. 

Features on Unionsapp include - 

  • Join unions based on your career, interests and area and find interesting content
  • Connect with people in the same career as you to explore business opportunities and professional development
  • Connect with people who love the same things as you and do interesting activities collectively 
  • Share post updates and images on wall categorised by specific tags that help you find relevant posts quickly
  • Share videos and articles of your favourite content
  • Vernacular languages mean that you can use the app in your most comfortable language
  • Dedicated section to ask and answer questions
  • Find top quality curated content from community influencers
  • Share valuable resources from which you learn with everyone in your community
  • Get notifications of posts, comments, likes, answers and more activities
  • Find or organise events about your career, about things you love and in your area
  • Raise concern about issues in your local areas with local government leaders to solve them
  • Connect with local political leaders and communicate directly with them
  • Buy and sell locally through area based unions
  • Get to know everything about any local area including shops, places to eat, fun spots and more
  • Exclusive Invite-only based unions for any member-based organisation (trade organisations, college clubs, etc.) to manage all activities

Unionsapp is more than just a fun and entertainment-based social media platform. It is also your one-stop solution to find everything about things that matter to you. You can share content in varied formats including text, images, videos, links and messages. 

  • Unionsapp also aims to create the strongest people’s community and empower them through unity. Together, you can raise issues with local government leaders, initiate change making drives and do much more in order to make the world a better place. 
  • You can find high quality curated content on different topics so you don’t have to search everywhere for it. We strive to build a community where everyone shares valuable content to help each other and grow together. The dedicated question-answer section helps to resolve specific queries. 
  • You can join various unions based on your interests - music, sports, games, dance, TV shows and browse through popular topics like motivation, humour, entrepreneurship etc. 
  • So, in a nutshell, Unionsapp is THE people’s social network for everything - career, interests and your neighbourhood. Moreover, we ensure 100% data privacy and share no information about you with any third party. 
  • Isn’t this just perfect? Well, join now to know for yourself! We’d love to have you! 
  • Interest based unions on cycling, bike riding, music, singing, dancing, theatre, comedy, painting, sketching, photography, videography, photo editing, video editing, mobile games, PC games, board games, card games, indoor games, blogging, vlogging, travelling, cooking, sewing, gardening, reading, writing, poetry, stories, public speaking, motivational speaking, networking, history, mythology, night-life, bars, health & fitness, yoga & meditation, TV series & shows, bollywood movies, hollywood movies, digital marketing, general knowledge, collectors, mobile phones, comedy, humour, TED talks, GST, What Is, How To, women’s kitty, nearby networking, daily soaps, drama, gossip, world cup, best deals, google maps, marvels, comics, gifts, cyber-security, hacking, space, quotes, technology, xbox, playstation 4, fashion bloggers, investments, shares, podcasts, transportation quarries, hotels,  etc. 
  • Sports like cricket, football, basketball, badminton, table tennis and more
  • Design - fashion, textile, apparel, lifestyle & accessory, product, interior, automobile, game, graphic, animation, architecture, web, android, iOS. 
  • Medicine - Unani, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic, Home Remedies, Occupation therapy, veterinary science, pharmacy, dentist, naturopathy, physiotherapy, physician, psychiatry, nursing, ophthalmology, neurology, gynecology, cardiology, pediatrics, sports specialists, heart diseases. 
  • Professional communities like CA (Chartered Accountants), CS, ACCA, CIMA, CMA, CPA, Actuary, CFP, 
  • CFA, FRM, CFE, Audit, Financial Modelling, IFRS, IAS, Ind AS, GST, Stock Markets, NCFM, teachers, artists and more. 
  • Commerce - colleges, B.Com, BBA, BMS, BAF, BCA, MCA, MBA, IIM, Banking, 
  • Educational resources on SSC, Bank, PO, Clerk exams, etc. 
  • Events on startups, networking, sales, marketing 
  • TV shows, hollywood and bollywood movies, music, songs, videos and more. 
  • Cyber- security communities like hacking, ethical hacking, data forensics, security tips & tricks and more.  
  • Technology news communities like robotics, artificial intelligence, data science,  new technology and more.
  • Programming communities like java, C language, C++ language, web-development and more. 

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