Mobile marketing is evolving with the advancement in technology. We witness new trends every week and 2020 has some amazing mobile marketing trends to look forward to.

If you want to improve your strategy for mobile marketing, you need to know the current trends and updates.

We are going to state the top 10 trends in mobile marketing for 2020 that will give you an advantage over your competitors.

By knowing these trends, you will be able to create an effective mobile marketing strategy that will help your business. Let’s take a look at these trends.

Trends in Mobile Marketing in 2020

The trend of Social Commerce:

The presence of social media has become universal. It has become an essential tool for brands to advertise, create awareness, and gain insights on customer behavior and feedback.

The number of people using social media is increasing day-by-day. It has become a place where people come across new products and services.

Now, the platforms are going to focus more on user actions. Social commerce is an important trend for e-commerce as many platforms have started giving the space to brands to sell their products.

The latest feature of Instagram, ‘Checkout on Instagram’ gives a chance to purchase a product without leaving the app.

Such features make the shopping experience easy and smooth for users. The rate of conversion also increases with such features.

Brands need to know how people are engaging with their content on social media and work accordingly. They need to learn to shift their focus on direct purchase along with awareness and advertisements.

Voice Search:

Many marketers estimated this trend last year and we are witnessing the increasing number of voice-related searches.

This trend is going to become more popular this year as the voice-assistant devices are ruling the market.

Voice search is an important trend for mobile marketing and brands must consider it while framing a strategy.

There is a huge difference between text search and voice search. Brands need to optimize their content for voice search. This trend will change the SEO game where content creators have to consider keywords for voice search too.

The important thing to keep in mind is that when people use voice-search they speak like they are talking to a human.

So, people are likely to use the conversational tone while using the voice search. Marketers need to consider this and optimize the content accordingly.

The main task of brands in 2020 must be to match their content with the voice-search keywords so that their content appears on the top in voice search rankings.

AI-the game-changer:

The integration of Artificial Intelligence in marketing has automated a lot of processes and this has impacted mobile marketing to a great extent.

This is the trend that will follow in the rest of the year 2020. AI has made marketing more efficient and easier.

The AI has made the collection and analysis of the data easy and can make more accurate predictions than humans. In 2020, mobile marketing trends will be all about Artificial Intelligence.

There are many things that AI can help in such as predictive analysis, segmentation, customer retention, personalization, and user acquisition.

AI-driven chatbots are also leading the way in 2020. Most of the customer services are predicted to be powered by chatbots this year. Most of the businesses use online chatbots to communicate with the customers.


The idea of geofencing has been around for some time however it's a moderately new thought for many marketers.

To see how geofencing functions, we need to initially expect that many people have a smartphone. Presently envision all these phone users approaching their typical everyday lives.

On the opposite side there is a business, let’s say an “Ice cream shop." The business assigns its territory (or "fence," maybe) in light of longitude and scope.

For the motivations behind this clarification, suppose their geofence is a 2-square range of their shop.

Now both of them come in contact with each other. John Doe adventures inside Ice Cream Shop's geofence – we know this in light of his GPS-empowered cell phone.

What occurs straightaway? You got it – John Doe gets a pop-up message on his telephone offering two cones at the cost of one at Ice Cream Shop.

There's a drawback to this, as well. Nobody needs to get shelled with warnings about specialized dog care, Korean grill, landscape services, and a hundred different things each time they step outside.

Associations must be capable of why and how they contact clients, particularly as geofencing turns out to be more normal.

5G Connectivity:

5G will be a debated issue for 2020, as this new web availability speed guarantees to be multiple times faster than 4G.

This implies more consistent associations among gadgets and faster download time for your most loved shows and movies.

5G is likewise seeking to have positive ramifications for AR innovations and more improved keen speaker abilities. Advertisers should adjust to the coming versatile innovation patterns for 2020 on 5G.

Voice-activated ads:

The advertising is evolving with the advancement in mobile technology. One such trend that is expected to rule in 2020 is voice-activated ads.

Voice ads are best for mobile marketing as they are engaging and influencing. Such ads allow customers to respond verbally to the CTA of an ad.

If you want to stand out and engage your customers then adding voice-activated ads to your marketing strategy is a must.

Such advertisements can change the way customers react to an ad or engage with an ad. The biggest platforms that use such ads are Spotify, Gaana, and Pandora.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality will likewise affect mobile promoting patterns in 2020. Numerous brands as of now are utilizing AR to make a special and energizing experience for their clients.

What's more, the best thing is – it's intuitive and vivid. As indicated by Wikitude, "73% of portable AR clients revealed either high or extremely high fulfillment with versatile AR encounters".

AR helps in presenting your product in a unique way to your customers. New marketing strategies and experiences often excite customers. AR gives brands an opportunity to provide newer experiences to customers.

Augmented reality campaigns are successful as they drive more engagement and reach. They are interactive and customers prefer such interactive and engaging content.


Segmentation is simply one more approach to actualize personalization into your marketing plan for digital media in 2020.

Segmentation implies sending specific content to various customers dependent on their association and commitment level with your brand.

Along these lines, you're presenting or re-presenting just the content that is fascinating and imperative to that particular customer.

Segmenting your content based on customers' preferences and interests has become very important. This helps in targeting different groups of people based on their involvement with your product or service.

Customer-generated Marketing:

Customer-generated marketing– or rather, advertising your image through genuine clients – is a genuine thing. Furthermore, it works. This is not similar to influencer marketing.

With influencer promoting, brands are promoted by superstars or others with huge online networking followings. This was extremely popular for some time, sure, however, customers usually don't find the feedback genuine.

Rather than showcasing stock pictures and content written by somebody who has never utilized their item, brands are starting to profit by the genuine customer experience.

Video Content:

Video content is ruling the social media platforms and has become an important part of the mobile strategy. For watching videos, smartphones have become the dominant channel.

The smartphone is anticipated to represent a 72% expansion in online video publicizing spending.

As the video keeps on advancing, in 2020 we are probably going to see significant parts in the market and their battle for strength.

Many big brands are investing money in video marketing and creating quality content. The way to gain success is to be consistent in creating engaging video content.


Mobile marketing is evolving with each passing year and it is not the same it was before. Consumers are looking for innovative and newer experiences of products and services.

Keeping in mind these trends of mobile marketing while creating a strategy for 2020. Make sure to consider user experience above everything else while framing a strategy.