Websites are the face of a business, and its interface and functionalities cannot be taken for granted.

This clearly means that every element that is integrated within a website has to be unique with efficient technical value to bring customers closer to the business offerings.

In this realm, the role of frontend which embarks the user effectiveness journey to the targeted users cannot be dodged off.

The frontend is one of the most critical aspects of a website, which interacts with the users and becomes a communication interface between services and the targeted customers.

With the constant upheaval in the development world, it turns out to be a challenging journey for the developers to keep themselves abreast with the advanced technologies and select the best for the frontend development.

Fret not!

Our post here comes as your guide to help you understand why AngularJS for Frontend Development is the best bet for the frontend development in 2024!

Let’s splurge the details further…

AngularJS- what you should know about it?

In the year 2009, Google conceptualised an open-source JavaScript framework- AngularJS, with an intent to make the frontend as seamless as possible.

Being an open-source and not a server-side script it gels with a wider variety of environments ranging from responsive web applications to enterprise applications.

It is an ideal choice to build dynamic websites while supporting MVC architecture, helping to build scalable website demands.

On the other hand, AngularJS has the capability to automatically and efficiently synchronize data and uses the NG model for inbuilt-directives.

Top companies using AngularJS

  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • Udemy
  • Gmail
  • PayPal

Top 10 benefits of using Angular JS for Frontend Development

It often becomes a question for most of us out there, that why Angular is the right choice for the front end, whereas there are multi[ple other options available in the market.

To help you glean insights we have outlined below few most compelling reasons, such as:

Code Reusability

The coding requires time, and making it for different OSs is time and effort intensive.

AngularJS reduces the code reusability feature that expedites the development process.

At the same time, it becomes easier for the developers to make the necessary changes in  the codes without investing too much effort.

Easy to work

In the development world there are multiple challenges associated while using a framework or a language, and this issue is well-addressed by AngularJS.

This framework is very easy to use and functions on the MVC architecture. It can easily apply data models requiring fewer codes.

As a result, it becomes easier for the developers to use Script src to load external scripts dynamically and save time and efforts remarkably using angular development services.

MVC & MVVM Architecture

Web development has a foundational module - MVC. AngularJS utilizes MVC architecture to build scalable and interactive web applications.

Using this architecture, developers can bifurcate the apps and save time and efforts while defining the root element of Angular with the NG app.

On the other hand, AngularJS also supports MVVM- model-view-view-model architecture, which helps in dividing the app into 3 parts.

This further can be used one for viewing data, one for data management, and the third can act as a bridge to build connection between the view and the model.

Two-Way Data Binding

The development of a web project includes multiple processes and stages, wherein transitioning between architecture model and view help abundantly.

And this is one of the most amazing features of AngularJS, it supports two-way data binding for accurate and seamless integration between the DOM and model.

Leveraging this feature, developers can make an impact on the app objects immediately with the changes made in the user interface and vice versa.

Furthermore, these changes reflect in app UI enabling the developer to view the changes made on the app interface and find any anomaly.

Testing Capabilities

Testing is an integral part of any web app and missing out on it can lead to some severe consequences.

AngularJS offers app testing features with unit and end-to-end testing process. It enables developers to monitor how web application’s components are built and handle dependencies.

It removes the unnecessary support required from third-party apps, saving time and money in abundance.

Perfect fit for Enterprise Web Apps

Enterprise solutions are in much demand and they need dynamic web app solutions to meet their business objectives.

AngularJS ensures building large-scale, and dynamic web applications with incredible functionalities.

Using this framework, businesses can hire frontend developers to build apps that are maintainable, scalable, and secure.


For the frontend development, functional and feature-rich frameworks are in need, and this demand is fulfilled by AngularJS .

It is highly performant with some unique features such as directives, routing, data binding, and form validation.

It supports developers to build scalable apps faster so businesses do not suffer and meet the demands of the digital era effortlessly.

Single Page Apps

We all know the growing popularity of SPAs, and AngularJS supports it and enables cross-platform capabilities with easy page loads, seamless maintenance, and engaging user interface.

It ensures building a website to attain the same appearance and functionality as native apps, and interacts with a browser and replaces the current page with new Web data.

Supported by Google

Well, if a framework is backed by Google then only the best outcome can be expected.

And this is the case with the Angular JS also.

Google entirely depends on AngularJS to support its own apps with support from the best technical engineers from the world.

It further brings across the auto-upgrade benefits with huge credibility, that guarantees technology to be from the next level within the framework.

Wider Community

The advancements in technology are evolving every passing moment, and this calls for new challenges and technical complexities in the development.

To address such issues and queries the developer community support for AngularJS is huge and ever growing.

The community experts are ready to help and offer solutions to the development queries at the earliest possible.

These experts possess extensive technical expertise and experience in front-end development to help in finding the right solution to the problem.

In Conclusion

The aforementioned benefits are just a glimpse of what AngularJS has got to offer, and there is much more than meets the eyes.

With businesses investing exclusively in website development it is a good decision to utilize this framework’s functionalities with an angular web development company and build scalable app solutions.