Witch Queen is finally here, and players want to access it plus become victorious at the end. There will be many loot items and rewards in this new raid, Witch Queen. However, one requirement that players need to possess is the XP or the Experience Points.

These XPs simply refer to the ranking of the players; the more it is, the better. XP is required to allow players access to many rewards and stuff. Certain XPs are also mandatory to give players access to specific elements in the raids.

Hence in this new expansion, gathering XPs becomes the number one priority of the players. The more seasonal passes they unlock, the more XP they will earn as a straightforward method. So today, we will describe different methods to help players unlock more XPs and ease up their overall journey in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2

Redeem Season 15 Rewards

As Season 16 is about to begin, it's too late to continue playing Season 15. Players who have played with dedication and have successfully gathered a good number of XPs will find it a lot easier to proceed with the new season. It's time to redeem those XPs you have earned so far, as it can help you have at least a few levels of the seasonal pass.

Also, Witch Queen Lost Sector Exotic Armor is the unique gear of the upcoming season. Those who want to claim it need to complete Solo Lost Sectors on difficult levels like Legend or Master. However, this may take hours or even more before you actually own the armor.

That is why players can opt for Witch Queen Exotic Armor carry, where expert players play on your behalf, complete the missions and get you the armor. They also bring you all the loot items so you can focus on more critical elements of the new season.

Grind As Much As Possible

The true medium to level up in any such game is to grind as much as possible. This is true in Destiny 2, where completing quests will bring you XPs and bounties. Season 16 will also need players to complete quests and daily grinds to get the brand new bounties. Hence players should continue to perform activities and collect rewards.

Do Repeatable Bounties and patrol in the Throne World

Do Repeatable Bounties and patrol in the Throne World

There are some bounties that you can earn repeatedly and earn those XPs more. You can start grinding in the Throne World; you need to access Fynch and the local vendor to obtain the repeatable bounties. Such grinding will give you more power and XPs.

Players who are not doing patrol can go for campaigns. You can complete the bounties at the Fynch. Focus on multitasking when you grind to collect all those bounties and points fast.

Also, players should only focus on bounties that give higher XPs. This is essential for players with less Glimmer. Look for bounties indicating XP++. Such bounties can be Moon bounties, Eris Morn, Starhorse bounties, Cosmodrome bounties, and more.

Play with Your Fireteam

Bungie had made the game so that it rewards more if players play in a team rather than going solo. Regardless of the activity, playing in a group with your friends or players you know is the key to earning more XPs. Here your team is called a Fireteam to give you backup.

So those playing solo should start looking for other solo players and team up with them. Head to Bungie's LFG service for the same.

Complete Seasonal Weekly Challenges

Every new season brings new challenges along. Also, players earn more XPs plus rewards upon completing these challenges. Players will find Gambit matches in the first week as a seasonal activity. Those who play it and win it will obtain XP++ rewards. Also, the challenge is relatively easier to complete.

Players should also focus on Ikora's evidence board and play the investigation on Mars. This will reward them with huge XPs. Other challenges, such as killing Hive enemies in Strikes, reward you with XP++. Here you can make your way through The Lightblade strike and enjoy striking using your weapons like Auto Rifles and Hand Cannons.

Try Campaigning with More Characters

When players receive tougher encounters, they also earn relatively more. Hence, they should play the Witch Queen Legendary campaign using all the characters. This will give them many chances to boost their XPs and have more loot items. Those who don't have another character yet should work on building it as it will absolutely bring you more earnings and scores.

When you complete the campaign with the Legendary difficulty, you get bestowed with more rewards and XPs. This also includes a full set of gears, the 1520 power. This means you will get armor, a weapon per slot, and a total of eight pieces.

Players can also skip going through the oft cap grind, saving you from big 20 levels. Those who want to level up fast in the new expansion should play with Legendary difficulty because it is totally worth it.