If you decide to create your own logo design, finding inspiration for the design you would like to use is often the most difficult part of the entire process. Thankfully, though, there are plenty of sources of inspiration to be found – and browsing through creative and effective logo designs is one the best places to start your search for that creative spark. With that in mind, here are 20 logo designs to spark creativity before you design your own logo.

1) Perch Creek Cattle Logo

Showcasing a cow with her calf, this logo design highlights the work done by Perch Creek Cattle in a design that is simple yet effective and eye-catching.

Perch Creek Cattle

2) The Food Caddies Logo

Perfectly combining elements of golf and catering into the same design, this eye-catching logo sends a clear message about the culture and mission of the The Food Caddies Company.

The Food Caddies

3) Vale Park Animal Hospital Logo

You can never wrong with putting cute little animals in your logo design – especially if you are designing a logo for an animal hospital. There's nothing extravagant about the Vale Creek Animal Hospital logo, but it is unique and effective nonetheless.

Vale Park Animal Hospital

4) Freedom Fire and Security Logo

The Freedom Fire and Security logo is a design that makes use of patriotic colors and themes as well as images that convey the idea of strength and safety – the perfect design for a security company.

Freedom Fire and Security

5) The Broken Helmet Logo

Showcasing images of both a football helmet and a microphone while also conveying the name of the company through imagery, this attractive logo is an ideal logo for a sports talk radio show.

The Broken Helmet

6) River Bandits Logo

Featuring an aggressive and unique design, this logo is perfect for striking fear in the hearts of any opposing baseball team that has to go up against the River Bandits.

River Bandits

7) Kustom Kampers Logo

This attractive logo conveys ideas of vacation and sunsets by the shore, making it an ideal design for a company that targets customers who are passionate about road trips and vacations in their camper.

Kustom Kampers

8) Triple Tree Acres Logo

This black and white logo design conveys a sense of tranquility and nostalgia for simpler times while also showcasing the various animals that are raised at Triple Tree Acres.

Triple Tree Acres

9) Prairie Valley Airspray Logo

Showcasing a crop-duster in motion, this action-oriented logo perfectly highlights the services offered by Prairie Valley Airspray in a design that is unique, colorful, and dynamic.

Prairie Valley Airspray

10) Athleat Meal Logo

This one-of-kind logo feature both a play one word that is highlighted via the color of the text as well as a play on imagery that showcases the two critical factors for a healthy lifestyle – diet and exercise.

Athleat Meal

11) Gray Apple Design Logo

This minimalistic logo looks like a design that is still a work in progress, highlighting the early stages of a sketch and capturing the design process in a still image, making it the perfect logo for a design company.

Gray Apple Design

12) Fire Fitness Logo

Fusing imagery of fire and imagery of nature into a design that conveys messages of strength and power, this attractive logo is an excellent design for a fitness company named Fire Fitness.

Fire Fitness

13) Garland Pediatric Dentistry Logo

This creative logo portrays the image of a cartoon elephant within the image of a tooth. For a pediatric dentistry that works with small children, this is an exceptional and highly effective design.

Garland Pediatric Dentistry

14) Pool Leak Specialist Logo

Combining the image of a pool with the silhouette of a wrench, this logo perfectly conveys the services offered by the Pool Leak Specialist.

Pool Leak Specialist

15) Fat Cat Coffee Logo

This humorous and eye-catching design is meant to put a smile on the face of anyone who sees it – and this is a job that is does exceptionally well.

Fat Cat Coffee

16) Bradley Law Firm Logo

An aggressive and powerful design that plays off the name of the Bradley tank, this logo conveys the idea that the Bradley law firm is ready and able to go to battle for their clients.

Bradley Law Firm

17) Little Bills Landscaping Logo

Recalling back to a time when young kids would start their own lawn mowing service, this effective design conveys the idea that Little Bills Landscaping is a locally owned company that customers should want to support as well as a company that offers affordable services.

Little Bills Landscaping

18) Cloud Marines Logo

Conveying messages of strength and resolve, this simple yet effective logo is an ideal design for a company that specializes in cloud security.

Cloud Marines

19) Lazy Man Gardens Logo

Looking like a logo design that was made decades ago, this throwback design highlights both the name of the company as well as the company's old-fashioned culture and values.

Lazy Man Gardens

20) Fatboy Auctions Logo

This eye-catching logo showcases an old-fashioned auctioneer in a cartoon-like design that is both unique and aesthetically-pleasing.

Fatboy Auctions