Having skills in graphic design is one of the best things these days. There is a high demand for this profession in most industries, and a good designer will never lack work.

Sure, you could argue that most of the best in the business are working in well-established companies and are not looking to add something extra to their salary. But it is not something that applies to every single individual.

Finding a side hustle to your regular job is quite easy as a graphic designer. Thus, if you would be interested in making more money but do not have any idea where to start, this article will be the answer. And keep in mind that some of these ideas will require time and patience whereas others are a one-time deal.

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Print on Demand

Print on demand business is becoming more and more popular thanks to the overall growth of ecommerce and the number of people looking to buy customized merchandise.

T-shirts are definitely the first thing that comes to mind, but you can expand your store once things pick up and introduce other products, like keychains, hoodies, smartphone cases, and pretty much anything that can have a print on it.

You do not need to constantly keep everything in check because the >dropshipping model eliminates most of the problems that you would have otherwise, like inventory, returns, shipping, etc. Moreover, there is a Shopify print on demand app you should be using for even more benefits.

By being a graphic designer you can really take advantage of the fact by coming up with so many great designs for printing. And it is the number-one thing that people look at when they want to purchase a new t-shirt or anything else that comes from print on demand.



If you start writing a blog, you will have a slight advantage over other bloggers because visuals are extremely important these days and most tend to create various infographics and such instead of sticking to dry text.

Graphic design is a pretty broad subject so having worked in the industry beforehand should ensure that you never run out of content to write about. Finally, since you are working in graphic design, it probably means that you love creative work, and writing certainly fits that description.

Social Media Posts

Social media marketing continues to evolve as well, and certain platforms depend on visuals more than anything else. People who create profiles are not necessarily skilled in designing eye-catching posts themselves, so hiring someone who knows what needs to be done is a natural thing to do.

Editing Photos

Snapping a picture is not the end of the work for photographers. These days, a good picture needs to be edited and quite a few photographers do not like doing that. If you can find someone like that, working together should not be a problem whatsoever.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are another great way to slowly build a profile that will ultimately lead you to extra income. YouTube is certainly the best option since most people use it for their video viewing.

Video Editing

Video Editing

Having worked in graphic design, you should have a much easier time learning how to Edit video. This particular skill set is in extremely high demand at the moment since more and more video platforms are popping up, and a lot of brands are emphasizing videos as their number-one content type on social media, like Instagram and Facebook.

Writing a Book

When you feel like you have enough experience to publish a book, you should definitely go for it. The best part about it is that you will not have to deal with publishing agencies that are a big pain thanks to Amazon's self-publishing services. Moreover, you will be able to design a book cover and include some illustrations yourself, and those help a lot when you want to stand out.

Illustrations and Book Covers

Continuing from the previous paragraph, you can find a lot of work designing book covers or creating illustrations. Again, this is thanks to self-publishing that allows pretty much everyone to write a book.

Comic Books and Manga

Comic Books and Manga

Comic books and especially manga continue to grow in popularity, and since so much content is imported from other countries, the translation process is required. But changing words in speech bubbles is not enough. There is much more work involved, and certainly, not everyone is capable of doing that as good as someone who has been working in the graphic design industry. Comic book characters have become iconic in popular culture, and the demand for high-quality translations and adaptations continues to increase as these characters reach new audiences around the world.


If you feel like there is not anything in particular that interests you, head over to freelancing websites like UpWork and Fiverr and look for freelance gigs. Plenty of those are available, and if you have a decent portfolio to show your worth, you should be able to land almost any job that is offered there.