Many businesses have been investing more money, time, and effort into leveraging their social media presence because it has proven to increase conversion rates for the company. Instagram is a powerful social media platform that allows you to showcase your brand and engage with your followers. You can drive traffic directly into your site, sell products and services, and enjoy more opportunities and benefits.

However, if your Instagram strategies are in a rut and you're out of creative ideas to promote your business, don't give up. There are many diverse methods to grow your Instagram account. Perhaps you're doing something incorrectly or have overlooked the importance of implementing a single basic strategy. Don't be afraid to use tools, and methods like an Instagram growth service, to get the results you deserve.

Check out some effective strategies below for growing your Instagram account:

1. Schedule Your Instagram Posts

Prioritize the importance of posting content to your Instagram account. You can expand the visibility of your posts by publishing at the appropriate times. This will increase your visitors’ overall engagement. You can buy automatic Instagram likes in monthly packages that’ll allow you to boost your social media presence and gain sufficient visibility. If your users like what they see, they'll likely press the heart button.

Schedule Your Instagram Posts

You can utilize the social media posting calendar that’ll enable you to schedule your posts effectively. These tools make scheduling content simple for your brand. You can plan campaigns and schedules more efficiently when you prepare content in advance. You'll be ensured that your Instagram account remains active so your followers can get updates and content from you from time to time.

2. Revamp Your Bio

While not many businesses place importance on their bio, you should think otherwise because it may be the first thing that a follower will want to look at on your account. The number of characters you can create for your bio’s description is limited to 150, but the goal is to maximize it.

You can include a bio on your Instagram profile to tell potential followers who you are, what your brand is about, and give you the chance to encourage them to a call to action. In other words, your bio should be able to provide your followers with important information about your company, as well as a summary of what you have to offer them.

You can only have one clickable link in bio, so use it wisely. The link can be changed as often as you want, but it’s best to use one that will take people to your website. Another idea is to make use of hashtags. This allows people to find you more easily and helps them understand what trend you've started or are a part of. This also enables them to check who your customers and followers are. 

3. Grow Your Followers

Another essential tip for promoting your Instagram account is to increase the number of followers you have. This can be accomplished by directing people to your account from other social media platforms or your website. In addition, you can encourage people to follow you through your posts, so make sure to publish consistent, accurate, and visually appealing content. You may post great content on Instagram, but people will need a little extra encouragement to keep following you. Hence, be encouraging with the captions that you use for your content.

4. Invest In Sponsored Posts

Optimizing your Instagram account is essential, but you must go above and beyond. For one, you can utilize some financial resources to invest in sponsored posts. This allows you to better expose your brand to your target audience. Start by taking note of the accounts with considerable followers in your niche. Check out the profiles of other businesses, influencers, and famous people to see if they’re doing sponsored posts.

One easy way to find them is to use keywords or hashtags. If they're utilizing keywords, they may appear in your search results. To find out how much sponsored posts cost, you'll need to contact them. Send them a proposal, an email inquiry, or a direct message. The prices of their sponsored posts will vary depending on how many followers they have or how famous they are.

Another option is to strike a deal with influencers and vloggers in exchange for free products and samples. As a result, they’ll be able to feature your brand on their accounts, increasing your chances of gaining new customers and followers. When this happens, more people will believe that your company is genuine and not solely focused on sales. Influencer marketing is a surefire way to leverage your Instagram account.


To grow your Instagram account, there is no one-size-fits-all approach or strategy. Find out what works for you by trying the methods mentioned above. Some of them will likely result in faster Instagram growth than others. Creativity, consistency, sociality, as well as knowing what to post are the most effective strategies on any social network.