Running an online business in 2022 can be very challenging. No matter what kind of business you manage, you undoubtedly have a lot of competitors to deal with. Moreover, the constantly increasing consumer demands are hard to keep up with, so all in all, it’s not easy to be a business owner nowadays.

But luckily, technological advancements have made it easier to handle all of those responsibilities. That’s why smart business owners use the right tools to grow their businesses. If you aren’t sure what kind of tools would be good to have in your arsenal, you can’t go wrong with the following ones.

Manage Your Online Business

Business proposal template

Anyone who wants to sell a product or service has to deal with creating business proposals at some point. Business proposals have been around for a while and while you can write them yourself, using a business proposal template can make the process easier for you.

Here are some of the benefits of using a template instead of drafting up the proposal by yourself:

  • Your document will look more consistent. The look of your document is just as important as the content inside it. Your business will appear much more professional if it has a consistent structure and all of the necessary elements which are included in a proposal template.
  • Your proposal will be flawless. There is much more a proposal needs to look flawless other than a consistent structure. A good project proposal needs to be perfectly written and developed. Since your template will come pre-built, you will have perfection without any errors or spelling mistakes.
  • It helps you save time. It can be very challenging to find time to send out proposals if you want to work with multiple clients. But when you use a template with a pre-built framework, all you will have to do is fill in the blanks before sending out a proposal.

Freelance management tool

Freelance management tool

A big part of today’s workforce consists of freelancers. And since you’re running an online business, your staff probably consists of people who work from home. While there are many benefits to hiring freelancers, managing them can sometimes be a chore.

That is why anyone who hires freelancers needs freelance management software. This is a very useful tool and here are just some of the things it can help you with:

  • Employee acquisition. With such a large pool of talent, finding that one freelancer who would be perfect for your company can be a challenge. That’s why freelance manager tools come with features that will help you vet out potential employees and find the right fit for your business.
  • Creating invoices and sending payments. This software allows you to manage invoices, ensure all of your freelancers get paid in time, and avoid any administration and communication errors that can occur during the payment process.
  • Drafting up contracts. Freelancers need to have a contract just like any other employee, regardless of whether they’re hired per project or working for hourly billing. With a freelance management tool, you can create legal documents that will ensure all parties in the working relationship are on the same page.
  • Tracking time. If you hire your freelancers on an hourly basis, you’re going to need to record the amount of time they spend on each project. That is why freelance management tools come with a time tracking feature.

Email marketing software

Even though some consider it an outdated form of communication, marketers still use email daily and with great results. Email generates $42 for every $1 spent, but only if you do it right.
Creating a successful email marketing campaign without the use of any tools is practically impossible. Email marketing software enables you to send emails that will promote your business, track the results of your campaign, create amazing newsletters, and much more.
With email marketing software you will also be able to personalize every email you send, nurture subscribers, and promote new content.
When it comes to which email software you should use, it all depends on the type of business you run and what you’re looking to achieve with your campaign. It’s best to do some research and find the right fit for you.

Social media marketing tool

Social media marketing tool

Finding a business that doesn’t have a social media presence nowadays is practically impossible. Companies use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote their products and services but also increase engagement and improve customer experience.

As much as 93% of marketers worldwide are using social media for business. If you aren’t, you need to change that right away because it’s one of the best ways to increase your business’s online presence. And of course, there are various tools out there that can help you create the best social media campaign.

Just like with email marketing tools, there are so many social media marketing tools to choose from, and you need to find one that fits your needs.

Final thoughts

The world of business was changed forever when technology started becoming advanced enough to make some business tasks and processes easier to do than ever before. There is no need to resist technology. If you want your business to grow and succeed, you need to embrace it.