Web design should never be underestimated. While the quality of content and your products/services have the key value, the looks are almost as important. If you have two websites with the same products, but one looks the same as in the 90s and the other one is packed with special features, which one would you choose?

We’re sure at least 97% of people would choose the second one.

The importance of design is more than becoming an eye candy and a considerable investment. It aids in your promotion and delivering the message of your company. 

Let’s explore 6 reasons why web design is more important than you think.

1. This Is the First Impression of Your Business

When visitors click on the link to your site, they should stay there. Have a website with:

  • A harmonious color palette that represents the values of your business;
  • Smart, intuitive design;
  • Ease of use;
  • All necessities on the first view page;
  • Some moving/interactive elements.

And you will catch the attention of more people. Make sure the loading speed isn’t jeopardized by all the cool decor you have there, though.

The first impression should be light, positive, non-invasive. So, a smart design with no aggressive advertisement will lead to more people becoming your readers and customers than a desperate attempt to catch their eyes with large ads and claims that you’re the best.

2. Your Website Shows Your Message and Attitude

Everything in your project has to be in one flow, carrying one message.

For example, there’s a shop selling wood cases for Samsung Galaxy, and their website is laconic, to the point, and very stylish. They show their tune to potential buyers with:

  • Proper color palette;
  • Convenient text background for convenience;
  • Creative previews of products that show a connection to nature (just mouse over one of the cases);
  • Intuitive layout, etc.

When a business invests in website design, this means it cares about potential buyers and their comfort. Such an approach also means the company has sufficient revenue, so people buy from it, which is a sign of quality.

3. Web Design Is a Great Addition to Your SEO Techniques

DesignNominees recommends using design as a part of your SEO and promotion strategies. Making an emphasis on special features of the site will bring more organic traffic. People will visit the pages out of interest in your products or just curiosity (which can be converted).

First of all, the website layout is responsible for the way your content is seen and perceived not only by people but by search engines as well.

Then, your code has to be SEO-friendly as well. So, if you partner with a true specialist, Google will take minimal time to crawl and index every page.

4. Well-Designed Pages Earn Trust Faster

Poor design is associated with spam and scam. Such websites look suspicious to visitors, even if the information on the page is useful. As a result, the backlinks you post aren’t going to perform well. And links to your website will have high leaving rates.

It’s like saying that only the inner beauty of a person matters. While the term “beauty” is very broad nowadays, it’s still very important to look neat. You don’t have to be the same as some standard the society has thought of 50 years ago. But you have to look neat and appropriate.

5. You Have to Be as Good or Better Than Your Competition

If your competitors do it and get results, you should do it as well. While this isn’t a universal saying, it fits the topic of web design 100%. If you want to enter the competition (and you should), some things are essential.

Having a well-balanced responsive design is one such thing. People will often compare sources and choose the closest to their aesthetics. Perform analysis before making the final choice on the colors and layout. And be sure to collaborate with true professionals in the field.

Although the saying at the beginning of the section may imply you should opt for the same design choices as the competition, it’s a misunderstanding. You have to be:

  • Better;
  • Different.

Choose any of the two and pursue the goal in the latest update of your site design.

6. You Consistently Build Up Your Brand

During the promotion, you want not only to get new leads but to build a brand as well. Your design should be memorable and associate with your business. Even after one visit, people have to remember your style choices.

Adopting a certain color palette, you’ll create a brand that is easy to remember. This is as important as the quality of your products. By the way, it’s worth keeping the same colors in your packaging, but this is a tip for another article.

Web design goes much further than creating a proper background for text or making it convenient to surf pages. It’s connected to SEO, first impression, long-term memories about your brand. Make sure they are good enough for people to come back!