It's common knowledge that search engine optimization (SEO) affects your website rankings and visibility. It also impacts the performance of your Google Ads and social media marketing. Thus, you have to plan out and set up your campaign carefully to gain better SEO results. If you want to optimize your organic search marketing, here's how you can make Google Ads and social media marketing work for your SEO efforts:

Google Ads and SEO Working Together

Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords, is an advertising platform by Google that allows advertisers to publish brief advertisements, product listings, and video content within the network to online users. The GoogleAds data can be used to gather insights to create a solid SEO strategy quickly. If you want to strengthen your organic search results, below are some ways to make Google Ads work for your SEO and other digital marketing strategies:

Google Ads and SEO Working Together

1. Create filters

With Google Ads, you can filter some exciting pieces of information such as high-cost and high-traffic keywords that don't work effectively. These keywords may be popular terms, but they don't have any conversion rate for your site and that of your client. However, by using Google Ads, you can create a filter to identify those keywords with no conversions. In turn, you can refine your existing SEO strategy by removing them from your list of keywords.

2. Provide data to improve SEO campaign's geographic performance

SEO consists of many categories, and one of them is local SEO. In local SEO, you need to target people near any location that your business may be in. Besides, most people tend to search for local services and information on the web, which can result in a sale on the same day. Hence, you can use the data from Google Ads to improve your SEO campaign's geographic performance. This is especially true if you don't have any locations to utilize with local SEO.

3. Provides search terms report

In Google Ads, you have to deal with keywords and search terms. Keywords are the words or phrases you target in your campaign, while the search terms are the words that people use when searching on Google. However, you should understand how these phrases work to improve your SEO strategy and find out which terms bring people to your site and generate conversions. Thus, the search term report in Google Ads will give you the exact words that affect your ads and which you can target using SEO. It’s important to identify the right keywords to make sure people making those searches click through to your site and will be converted into leads.

If you need to transfer large data from Google Ads’ search term report, hiring a large file transfer service can complete the work for you.

4. Obtains better Click-Through Rate (CTR) with existing rankings

Aside from keyword search, Google Ads can also work with SEO by getting better CTR (click-through rate) with your existing search engine rankings. Even if you have high rankings for a given keyword and good traffic, you may still unable to earn profit from this traffic because you have low CTR. This could be because of insufficient title and description. However, using Google Ads can help you remedy this problem to improve your SEO strategy. If you implement the AdWords campaign, you may want to change your ad title and description to ensure you reach the maximum CTR for your keywords. Although the process may take a few tries, you can still reap the benefits of maximizing your organic search rankings once you get the right title and description for your page.

Social Media Marketing and SEO Working Together

Social media as an online marketing channel gives you the opportunity to reach new people on the web by disseminating and promoting content. With more social sharing, you can be able to further your site's visibility on social media channels. If the content is useful and relevant, Google will recognize it, thereby turning it up as one of the top search results. Here are some ways to make social media marketing work for SEO:

Social Media Marketing and SEO Working Together

1. Provides better link building

When it comes to search engine rankings, Google considers the authority and relevance of every content. When we say authority, it talks about how reliable the source may be, and it's usually determined by the quality and number of links your site has, while relevance tackles how appropriate the content is for a search result. It's essential to note that the number of quality backlinks you have can impact your SEO efforts. That's the reason why content sharing in social media can be a perfect ground to find quality backlinks. Having an effective social media marketing strategy can help build an authentic link profile and gain more authority to improve your SEO better.

2. Creates active social media accounts

By creating a good social media strategy, you can build your brand awareness by connecting with more people on the Internet through SEO-optimized content. With platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, people can easily recognize you and the more that happens, the more they’ll be inclined to click through your website. Remember, the more you improve your brand awareness on social media results, the more organic search traffic you get for your pages.

3. Measure and optimize

If you want to maximize your social media marketing campaigns, you should regularly monitor and measure your strategies. By measuring and optimizing the impact of social media on your website, you can be able to improve your SEO. To do that, you should monitor the comments, likes, shares, and mentions on your social media platforms, and check the visibility level in the search results, the conversion rates, and the associated website traffic.


Google Ads and social media marketing don't only work to boost your organic search rankings. Utilizing these strategies comes with a host of benefits that your business can take advantage of. Although these things are different from each other, integrating both approaches can be a huge help in your SEO efforts. So, keep this information in mind and start making Google Ads and social media marketing work for your SEO.