We don’t have to start with how important mobile marketing is; there is an 80 percent chance that you are already reading this on your mobile device.

Mobile is the way to go, and it is the way to the future of marketing – but even though a huge chunk of your potential customers is already there, it isn’t that easy to reach and target them. Mobile marketing comes with its own set of challenges.

The users are on the go, in a rush, and that results in a microscopic attention span. You merely have a few seconds to grab attention and call for action. It is different. It is difficult. However, it is not impossible.

There is a lot you can do to improve your mobile marketing. First, you need to shake all you know about digital marketing out of your head. Now, think mobile and follow these tips.

1. A High-Speed Website

When it comes to a mobile-friendly site, the focus is usually revolving around size. Everyone is talking about responsive websites, but, non-responsive ones are a thing of past. All the new sites are responsive – but that doesn’t always mean they are mobile friendly as well.

Other than size and dimension, there is one more factor that is very important for a mobile user – speed. Google even included speed as one of the ranking metrics last year. Whether you are creating websites,, keep the limitations of mobile networks in mind.

Even when creating an email for mobile phone users, make sure they do not require high bandwidth. While most mobile service providers promise to offer lightning fast internet, the coverage isn’t always the best.

2. Scale Down Content

You need to optimize your content for the mobile platform, and that includes both the text and images, optimizing content involves scaling it down. When viewing on a smaller screen, users don’t have the time to read a lot of content. In fact, even seeing a lot of it or scrolling through paragraphs after paragraphs can be overwhelming.

The key is to keep it short and snappy but also informative at the same time. Instead of large sized pictures, use smart zoom options and 360 degrees view feature to give a clear idea of how the product looks. For some businesses, like an online leather jacket store, it is extremely important to show their  rain jacket products from every angle.

Also, you will need to change Meta tags and headlines to make it more appealing for a user on the go.

3. A Clear Call to Actions

Some of the biggest mobile marketing related mistakes are all related to call to actions. In most cases, it happens when the content isn’t optimized for mobile. The users must scroll for a long time before they can finally see the call to action button. Most users don’t waste that much time.

In many cases, the call to action isn’t clear at all. The user can see all the information but aren’t as clear as to what they need to do next. Remember, when it comes to mobile users, you just have a few minutes to guide them through the entire funnel.

You can put a CTA button that stays on the screen even when you scroll down. If not, that then at least provide a tactile response to every action so that the user can know that they are moving towards a certain action with each micro-interaction. Any ecommerce website design company understands the importance of these micro-interactions.

4. SMS & Email Marketing

For mobile users, SMS marketing is the equivalent of cold calling. The interesting news is that cold calling still works and has a reasonable ROI. As does the SMS marketing.

SMS marketing works because it doesn’t rely only on the internet. You can reach users who choose to stay offline for any reason. SMS are short, precise, and to-the-point. They talk about the offer or product right from the start, so there is no room for losing the reader’s interest at any point. If the offer is relevant, the users are likely to respond.

As for email, since a mobile user promptly gets email notification of their devices, they are more likely to open it. You can use similar offers and discounts to lure them towards your app or website.

Create special mobile-specific discount codes and vouchers, and you are bound to enjoy a high ROI. You can also use SMS or email to invite users to your app, and offer them a new user discount. No user will ignore such a generous offer.

5. Mobile Social Media

Users are hooked to their mobile phones these days and most of their time is spent on social media. However, when we speak of the mobile platform, social media isn’t limited to Facebook and Twitter. There are mobile-specific social networks that support much fast-paced content. Instagram and SnapChat are two of the finest examples.

Since users are usually quickly scrolling through these platforms, they are perfect for creating urgency through short-term campaigns. For instance, you can create a flash discount and upload it as a story. That is when FOMO (fear of missing out) kicks in, and you get loads of leads in a small amount of time. And these are the leads that convert.

6. Optimize for Voice

Think mobile is now equivalent to think ‘voice.’ Both Siri and Alexa are invading our homes, and people are getting more used to interact with their devices through these assistants. Not to mention, Google’s own voice assistant is quite smart and helpful. We have entered the era of voice search. If it isn’t one of your priorities, you are missing out on potential leads.

Voice search differs from a text-based search in many ways. Imagine how you ask Siri or Alexa to perform a certain task. We usually ask questions instead of saying just the keywords or phrases. We speak as if we speak to other people. It is why it takes an entirely different algorithm to optimize for voice.


Mobile marketing has a lot of potentials, and it is only growing with time. With the right strategies, you can enjoy a remarkable ROI and conversion rate the rockets through the sky. Follow the tips to optimize your mobile marketing and let your business grow leaps and bounds.