Let us begin the article on Content Marketing Tips with some basic questions-

  • Can Content Marketing improve my website traffic?
  • Do I need to invest heavily when it comes to Content Marketing?
  • How fast will the results start showing after following a coherent strategy?
  • Is a Blog Section necessary in order to pursue Content Marketing?
  • Is ‘Inbound Marketing’ related to content marketing in any manner possible?

In this article, we are going to discuss the above questions and many more questions on Content Marketing.

Content Marketing Tips: Meaning and Introduction

In 1996, Bill Gates wrote an article. One of the key takeaways from the article was a statement- ‘Content is King’! Cut to 2019 and twenty-three years later, and most digital experts, founders and entrepreneurs still swear by this.

Content Marketing is the process of creating authentic, original, informative and educative content around your brand. A content marketing strategy works towards highlighting key aspects of forming your brand’s communications with your target audiences.

This approach is different from other digital marketing strategies as it seeks to help, inform and educate a user’s behaviour. On the contrary, strategies like direct ad placements help to push products and services of your brand.

As users are becoming more conscious and aware on digital platforms, the need of the hour is to win over users through great quality content. Once users are satisfied that your content is helping solve their problems, they will automatically seek out your brand and its offerings.

Advantages of Content Marketing over other Digital Strategies-

It would be safe to say that content which ‘convinces and converts’ is the best approach to-

  • Building a brand and generating brand awareness
  • Attracting repeat consumers and winning new ones
  • Establishing brand credibility and authority in the brand’s industry niche
  • Climbing Google’s SERPs with strategic keyword injection and SEO optimization
  • Improving site metrics and opening up newer channels of revenue generation

Content Marketing delivers some of the greatest ROIs from digital marketing. Yet this strategy is not well adopted by brands and digital marketers alike. The reason for the same is that a sound Content Marketing strategy is dependent on creating great quality content. This means that right from text content to video content everything needs to streamline accordingly.

This is often a problematic and long-term proposition for brands who want to take the same level of investment and use it in PPC or other strategies.

7 Excellent Content Marketing Tips: The List

1. Create a Blog Section

A regularly updated blog on a brand website is the foundation of a good content marketing strategy. By doing topic and keyword research and creating long format informative articles, you can attract a host of new visitors to your website.

Brands tend to forget that even though consumers might have some preferences for brands, they never have preferences for issues and problems. Every brand, no matter what the industry should have a blog section.

2. Quora and Reddit Content Strategy

You can think of Quora and Reddit as your brand's wingmen! Even though that might sound trivial, but authentic content on Quora and Reddit can do wonders for your website's traffic figures.

By establishing your brand as an authority, you can drive targeted traffic to your website. Make sure that your answer is long, informative, formatted and educative in nature. This will lend it the necessary level of credibility and encourage people to click on the links.

3. A strategic Social Media Content Strategy

Brands who are not relatively well known or established need to pay much more attention to problem solving. This means that rather than pushing products on social media, you should try to help people by offering solutions.

Linking your blog to your social media is a great way of driving targeted traffic from social to your website. This will not only help in traffic, but also improve metrics and credibility.

4. Create more Video Content for your Brand

In the last few years, video marketing has become an essential component of content marketing. We tend to think that content marketing is all about text based content. While this is true to some extent, it does not stop there.

As videos become more and more popular as a source of information gathering, your brand should always look to pursue video marketing. Integrating videos in your social media feed, brand website and YouTube is a great way to increase engagement and convert consumers.

5. Repurposing and Updating Content Regularly

Most brands make the mistake of not updating content on their brand website for as long as three to four years. This is a wrong strategy to pursue. According to Google, the more active brands see more exposure, more indexing and greater visibility.

Think about news sites and how often do they update their content. No news site has a low metric score. You can check and verify for yourself. Repurposing old content and updating it can help give it that much needed injection.

6. Start a Controversy and Be Bold

The world is replete with examples of social unrest, human rights abuses, climate change and so on. Every brand can have their own opinions and suggestions. Taking sides might not be bad always. It can help you win credibility with your target audiences.

If you are a brand who is looking for some brand exposure, having a strong content, driven strategy with a voice can make a huge difference.

7. Be Patient and Invest for the Long-Term

Content Marketing is a long-term investment. However, it is one, which will hold you in great stead in the future. It might appear that your strategies are not working out, when in reality they are.

Invest in content marketing with an end goal in mind. Do the right things and let them operate at their own pace. Of course, you can inject some campaigns to help drive engagement. Being patient is one of the key principles of any result driven content strategy.


By following the above-mentioned 7 content marketing tips, you can ensure that your brand website becomes a high performing one. From traffic to sales, a good content marketing strategy builds a brand from the ground up.

Do let us know what you thought about the content marketing tips in the comments section below.