A Game Developer's Game goes VIRAL in the market only on two factors.

  • How well s/he has made the game theme and feel?
  • How s/he markets the game? (to make it reach to maximum users)

Making a game should not be an issue with intellect league of developers and programmers. Got no clue or budget to get started with the marketing. Here are few things to consider before hiring a marketing expert or marketing your game by yourself.

1. First Things First - A Good Game.

Let not your game be a clone of some other game. Or a hook that would just leave user that he wasted his time. Let your game give the experience that leave people in awe for it. Look good, feel good is important.

2. Teasers be like trailers

Just like movie audience is given a adrenaline rush by trailers before the actual movie release; teasers for your game can spark such wonders too. There are many free tools available now to make videos. For example, iMovie. You can always outsource this part and leave it onexperts for best scripts and shoot. Having other content with tag lines or story lines can be an add on.

3. Game's Home Page matters

We live in world where people google up things to know more about it. Google has become like some verb. Make sure you have a place your users can come to and find all they want to know about your game. A website would be a perfect solution, of course, but a social media page would also do the job.

4. Go wild. Go social.

With 2.5 billion users already registered on social sites (as in 2017 from Statista), never miss the scope to such scalable market option. The more the better. Yet prefer to be selective. Analyse enough to select the platforms you want to be on and keep updated info.

5. Launch your app right

Call the press or influencers or celebrity. Whatever fits your budget the best. For well begun is half done. For fan following does reflect good in numbers. It's important to have a pre-launch setup that drives more crowd and users at launch time.

6. Engage the developer community

It's always a great idea to let your game come in the notice of the developer community. For what they can see and comment, laymen cannot. Also if the game interests other developers from developer communities and platforms, its likely to have more users interest as well.  Launch your app in App Marketing Sites . These rate and rank your app based on different parameters. Better known as ASO(App Source Optimization).

7. Third party engagement

It's good idea to have a share of investment in third-party distribution channels. For example game portals like Big Fish,Shockwave, etc. They already got high number of users on which you test. You certainly don't go in negatives though.

8. Get crowd with word of mouth

Viral Fever. You would've heard about it. Yes that's the cheapest and magical thing that can happen to you with Word of Mouth. This calls for really engaging app that people want to talk about and recommend others to must try. What crowd can through word of mouth, other sources can't.

9. Hear out what your users got to say

Just like pre-launch drive and launch set-up, it's important to have seats belts tightened up for post-launch drive. Continuously gauge on what your users got to say to fix any glitches or consider a word of advise that never striked you. For happy users will only make your company running and happy.

Game Marketing is certainly a task on list if you are making a game. But it's not scary or shall freak you out if you plan it right. Different theme games would need different strategies and combinations from above to attract the same game community. Make sure to do your homework well.