The world has shrunk to fit in your palms. A few years back this thought would have made no sense, but today it is the reality. These days everything is available right at your doorstep. From groceries to handyman, to food everything is available to you in just a click. Your business too needs to reach the world in the easiest possible way. To reach a wider audience, all you need to do is hit the market with a mobile application that is user-friendly, aesthetically designed, and feature ladened. For this, all you need to do is find one of the best enterprise mobility services in your locality.

The worst trouble is, deciding which technology to use to develop a reliable business app that would be popular among the audience. We enlist here the best technologies to use for robust mobile application development.

Each of these technologies has given the world some of the most popular and sought after mobile apps and has made the lives of much easier.

Technologies to Use for Robust Mobile App Development

1. Flutter

Who hasn’t heard of this SDK created by Google? The most noted apps that use this technology are Google Ads, Reflectly, Xianyu by Alibaba, and the list continues.

Such big names making use of technology is a clear reflection that it has something worth offering. Flutter app developers use Dart programming language to build native interfaces. This technology is quite flexible and can help developers come up with solutions that are interesting and have a great user-interface.

2. Swift

Aren’t you amazed by the functionalities, features, and ease of use of LinkedIn? Well, the technology behind this most popular app among professionals is Swift. The new-gen programming language builds on C and objective C. With a safe programming pattern and modern features it becomes really comfortable and easy to develop apps. Swift app development firms find it fun to work with the language as it is the first industrial-quality system and is quite expressive and fun to work on.

3. Java

The next in the list is an interesting programming language that has been ruling the industry ever since it was conceived. The ease of working with Java has made it quite popular among mobile app developers who look for open-source libraries to come up with solutions. The most popular frameworks that can be developed using the language are TestNG and Log4J. The most popular apps that are developed using Java are SeeWeather, the VLC media player, Telegram for Android, and a lot more.

4. React Native

This framework was developed by Facebook. The open-source framework helps the app developers to come up with cross-platform native apps with the use of ReactJS and JavaScript.

The framework is used to develop mobile applications that look and feel like native apps. When talking about the most popular apps built using technology, we can list AirBnb, Myntra, Instagram, UberEats, and others.

With the most popular apps around the world making the best of the technology, it is evident that this technology would stay in the mobile app development market for long.

5. Kotlin

Statically typed programming language used for developing new-age Android Applications. A lot of people compare the language to Java, saying it is an advanced version of the latter. The development of Kotlin has influenced the usage of Java, Scala, Gosu, Groovy, etc.

Although used for Android app development the technology has to name some of the most used apps around the world, like Pinterest, Trello, Evernote, Coursera, and more.

So, if you are looking for a technology that is simple and feature ladened then this is surely the right choice for you.

6. R Programming

Best suggested language for Data Analysis and Machine Learning. This is a platform-independent programming language. With several built-in libraries and frameworks put to use this can help developers come up with strong Machine Learning algorithms. Used generally for statistical computing, using and developing R programming packages is quite easy.

Although there are not a lot of apps to its name, the enterprises are quite adopting.

Wrapping This Up!

Doesn’t matter which business you are associated with, taking it to the smartphones is important. Mobile applications are a strong way to reach a wider audience and grow your business. With these technologies in trend, you can surely hire a mobile app developer who would help you build a brand identity with an interesting store that can help you build goodwill and be available for the target all the time. A good product engineering company can help you take over the market like a winner anytime.