At present day, social media is the voice of the people. So using the same voice to benefit your brand or business is the best thing you can do. This can be an immensely useful marketing tool for your brand or business. All you have to do is create a social wall and embed it on your website. This will not engage more people to your website but also help you in creating social proof for your brand or business.

What exactly is a social media feeds wall and how can it be helpful for your brand or business?

A social media feeds wall is a display wall that showcases feed from multiple social media handles in one unified presentation. It is backed up by social media aggregator tools that help in creating social walls by pulling content from different social media platform to form one single wall. It can then be easily embedded on your wall with some basic coding. This wall can help your website in many ways like:

  • Increasing user engagement
  • Creating social proof
  • Producing user-generated content for your brand or business
  • Helps increase brand trust and brand value
  • Attractive website

These are a few benefits of embedding social media feed on website and there are many more. This is one of the most trending ways to attract customers towards your brand.

Here are a few tools that help you to embed social media feed on website:

1. Taggbox

Taggbox is a social media aggregator tool that helps you build beautiful and attractive social media feed walls. It provides you with many features to make your wall as you wish for. These features help you create the most attractive walls for your website. Some of the features will be:

  • Personalize Panel: You have different options like theme style, font style, size, and color, banner option, and custom CSS to design your wall and make it more appealing.

  • Moderation: It gives you the authority to curate your wall by embedding social media feeds that you approve to be displayed. You can choose to discard or block certain posts that you won’t want to display on your wall.

  • Analytics: This feature helps you to track the performance of your social media wall. It generates reports according to the engagement with the wall and helps you improve the wall.

  • It has some other features like Profanity filter, Display, and many more.

Once you create your social wall, all you have to do is generate an embed code and post it in your website code in order to show it on your website.

It can help you create a real-time social feed as well, that will keep updating whenever someone posts using your hashtags or tags your account. Not only this, it allows you to create shoppable posts as well.

2. FeedWind

FeedWind is an RSS widget program. It is basically a very basic and easy way of embedding social feed on website. It works perfectly with WordPress websites and is very easy to use.

It provides you with many mobile display layouts and also has some amazing scrolling features. It allows you to convert your RSS feed to a blog roll and display it on your website with the help of an embed code.

3. Miappi

Miappi is also a social media aggregator tool that allows you to embed social media feeds from multiple social media platforms. It pulls content from all the social media platforms and creates one attractive and engaging social media wall.

It analyzes and picks the best user-generated content from all social media platforms your brand has a presence. It then curates them together and creates the highest quality wall, which is ready to display. These walls can then be displayed on your website, display walls or any other place.

4. Embed Social

Embed Social is an easy-to-use social media management tool that helps you display image galleries and online reviews on your website.

It helps you with more user engagement and boosts brand trust and brand value with the transparency in the display. It also allows you to sync your feed with Facebook Pages and Google Location so anyone who posts a review can automatically appear on the feed. It is a very user-friendly tool.

5. SnapWidget

SnapWidget is a social media aggregator tool that is one of the best ways for you to create a social media wall. It helps you to embed widgets on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube on your website.

This can help you in increasing your followers. It fetches content from social media platforms automatically and allow you to embed social media feeds on your website. This means the wall you embed on your website will have the latest posts automatically. It also allows you to place various widgets like Instagram popup, Facebook grid and many more on your website.

You choose what's best for you

Embedding a social media feed on your website can help you in many ways. It also makes your website more aesthetic and attractive for the users due to the numerous pictures from the social media wall.

We have mentioned the best tools you can use to embed social media feed on website. Now it is time for you to choose what suits your brand the most and get on with it as soon as possible.