Many times I’ve come across this question where people usually get confused between the terms CMS and Blog. Especially all those who’re planning to start a blog or CMS website. 

So, in this article, we will deep dive into both these terms and get the one which is the best choice in today’s world.

Let’s start with a brief on both the topics.

Defining Blog & CMS



A blog can be termed as a type of website where content on different topics is represented. The content is even referred to as ‘blog posts’ or ‘entries’. One thing to note about the blog is the content over here is always represented in the reverse chronological order which means the newest comes first.

The blog is usually maintained by a person or a small group of people. Entries like various commentary, latest event description, trends in different fields, infographics or video posting are done here.    

If you’ve got time to invest, it is the best choice to go for. People earn in millions with the help fi the blog. Maintaining & Promoting comes along with a blog. You’ve made so many blog posts but what if you don’t have an audience to read it.

Presently, there are tons of such blogs that produce innumerable information.

CMS (Content Management System)


Content Management System is defined as a software to manage the digital content of websites. You can easily cut, paste, delete or modify the content without any need for a technical person for your website. A full-featured content management system will allow you to manage the entire library of your content seamlessly.

These types of CMS is usually used for publishing or editing the blogs. CMS comes with a vast range of features. It is the best choice for all those who have lots of content to be published or edited.

The best thing about CMS is you don’t require any technical knowledge to while modifying content on your website. In short, publishing the article is as simple as writing an article with CMS.   

With CMS, you just need to focus on writing rest will be taken care of by the software. And yes, a blog is a subset of CMS. That was all about a brief introduction to CMS & Blog.

Examples of Blog & CMS

To understand the Blog & CMS better, here are a few examples of it.

That For Blog

Tiny Buddha

This is a personal development blog created by Lori Deschene in 2009. They have approximately 3 million monthly readers. Tiny Buddha publishes various blogs on philosophy like happiness, motivation, letting go, spirituality and much more. It is a complete version to make motivate yourself.

Pinch of Yum

A blog for the food and recipe. It was started by Lindsay, the high school teacher. With the help of these blogs, she was able to quit her day job and become a full-time blogger. Cooking has been her hobby since years, thus she worked on her passion and came up with this amazing Pinch of Yum blog. It contains everything starting from how to cook to how to become a food blogger.

Lost with Purpose

It is a travel blog by Alex. She will share her experience while travelling to various places. With that, she will give you some advice and guides for the same. And the best thing about her is, she travels through some uncommon places about which readers are always keen to know. The top uncommon destinations she is exploring are Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq and many more.

That For CMS


It is one of the best content management systems with more than 27 million websites. As per the analysis, approximately 35% of the websites are built with CMS. The only reason why WordPress is in such a trend is the user-friendly approach it has.


Drupal comes with a very huge community. It is a more pure form of CMS. Drupal is the oldest CMS available and it needs a bit knowledge of coding while using. You need a bit of technical knowledge while using the Drupal platform.    


It is an advanced CMS when though in terms of functionality. Joomla holds 7% of the market share globally. If you’re a beginner it is a good choice to start with. It has more than 300 million downloads.  

These three are the top CMS development platforms across the globe.

What is the Difference Between Blog & CMS?

You might be curious about this question that whats the actual difference between them, right?

Here is an answer for it, as I mentioned above we can call a blog to be the subset or a branch of the traditional Content Management System.

Mainly a blog is a typical website while talking about CMS, it is a software that makes the handling the content of a website easier. A blog is owned by an individual whereas CMS is owned by an enterprise or a company.

The main advantage of CMS is that it is prebuilt for you but when you go for a website, you need to build it from scratch. It is really time-consuming to maintain a blog. But with CMS you can do the modifying or editing of the content just with few clicks.

A CMS allows you to include various plugin to your website without the need of much coding. While for a blog you might need to hire a technical expert to include more functionalities.

Which one is better- Blog vs CMS?

Which one to select out of two is a quite tricky question, as technology is continuously changing. But the one which rules here is the Content Management System. As it comes with lots of extraordinary features and functionalities. You can develop a blog with the help of the CMS.

I would recommend you to go with CMS rather than building your blog website from scratch without CMS. Have a blog website that includes Content Management System so that you can seamlessly make entries to your blog.

I guess now you’re clear with questions rolling in your mind!!