From voice automation to driverless vehicles, artificial intelligence has begun to progress rapidly. It is not a fictional idea found in science fiction movies and books; it is here and quickly developing. As AI continues to advance, the more our futures are changing. From facial recognition to drones delivering packages, AI is here to stay, and based on the most recent technological advances, it will help us in the future in many ways.

Future in Healthcare

In healthcare, it has been proven that nearly 86% of mistakes could be prevented with the help of AI. AI's future in healthcare is closer to adjusting healthcare to benefit patients and healthcare professionals while lowering the cost and providing more accurate predictive care through generative ai.

With predictive analytics paired with AI, we can better understand factors such as place of birth, local air pollution levels, and eating habits that could influence a person's health. This will ultimately help the healthcare system better predict when a patient is most likely to develop a chronic illness and then suggest certain preventative medications to heal it before it gets worse.

Future in Retail

There have been some statistics that have shown evidence that AI promises a beautiful future for the retail world. Later down the road, you can expect a package weighing up to five pounds to be delivered to your home in thirty minutes or fewer, thanks to the AI drones that are being developed. Amazon has been a major contributor to this prospect and is currently working on the way to properly and safely deliver packages through drones. It is predicted that we will see the autonomous delivery of goods and food through drones within the next decade.

Not only can we expect drone deliveries, but there is also the chance we will see virtual racks that are customized for us according to the data AI has collected and will then connect to dressing rooms with screens and have a more personalized shopping experience based on past trends and purchasing history.

Future in Banking

When it comes to the world of banking, it is predicted that the global business value of AI in banking will reach around 300 billion dollars by the end of 2030. AI is all set and prepped to take center stage in this next decade regarding business intelligence and security at a lower cost, improved productivity, and upgraded customer experiences.

Future banks will not only personalize their services and products but will use AI to personalize the customer's experience. An example of this would be the necessity of an ID card being removed when you walk into a bank branch but still being greeted by your name and knowledge of your bank account.

Future in Job Opportunities

Many may scream that AI will eventually take all our jobs, which is the common fear when speaking about the future of artificial intelligence. With the automation of all kinds of work, it is easy to become fearful. On the contrary, though, it has been predicted that through the growth of the use of AI in various ways, it will create up to 58 million new jobs.

In fact, in India, the AI industry has doubled in size since 2019 compared to the previous year, and in only one year, there have been three times more companies that are working on AI-based projects, and the momentum is not likely to slow down, but instead speed up.

The future of artificial intelligence is coming soon, and it is time to prepare for when it comes. It is going to prove to be incredibly useful in the future.