If you are looking for the best SEO strategy of 2019, you might need to pay attention to this article on Blogger Outreach Service. In the past couple of years, SEOs and Digital Marketing agencies have been aggressively pursuing this strategy to-

  • Build high quality backlinks
  • Reach out to new audiences and geographical territories
  • Drive huge volumes of website traffic
  • Improve SEO scores and website metrics
  • Establish networking and build relationships
  • Form their credibility by working with the best bloggers in the industry niche

In this article, we will be concentrating on why blogger outreach service has become instrumental in gaining valuable in-content backlinks. However, before we get to that, let us first look at what is Blogger Outreach.

Blogger Outreach Service: Meaning and Definition

Blogger Outreach is a digital marketing strategy, which aims at identifying and making the outreach to industry relevant bloggers. These bloggers own and operate websites and the relevant social media profiles. The strategy requests bloggers to publish a brand’s content on their websites and promote the same on their social media profiles.

In return, bloggers may barter for products, services or even cash on some instances. The aim is to make the right outreach, select and filter the bloggers and negotiate for the perfect deal.

As against Guest Posting, Blogger Outreach is a highly specialized and focussed strategy that aims at gaining in-content backlinks. As bloggers are reviewers, they command tremendous influence and authority over the buying preferences of their audiences.

The biggest brands run effective sales conversions and lead generation campaigns through Blogger Outreach. Almost every known and reputable brand out there wants to pursue an aggressive Blogger Outreach Service strategy to further their digital performance.

In this article, we will be focussing on how brands, agencies and SEOs can gain backlinks from a blogger outreach strategy.

Steps to get high quality backlinks from Blogger Outreach Service

For the convenience of our readers, we have outlines the process in terms of the following steps.

1. Identify the Bloggers and make the right Outreach-

If you are faintly familiar with SEO work, you will know how relevancy has become the new PageRank for Google. It is important that you draw up a list of bloggers in the relevant industry niche. As our aim is to get the most in terms of backlinks, it is important that you pay attention to the website's metrics.

You should try to see website's Domain Authority, Domain Rating, Alexa Rank and so on. The higher the metric figures of the site, the more is the value of the Link Juice. Once you have made the list, the next step involves making the outreach.

Please avoid template-based emails at all costs. It is necessary to create personalized emails and address the bloggers individually. Do some background research about their website, the form of content and their social media sharing patterns.

2. Set the terms of the engagement clear-

Nobody wants to beat around the bush. Bloggers are thorough professionals who deal with many publishing requests on a daily basis. It is important that you set out what is it that you want the blogger to do. If you just want him to publish the content and get the backlink, mention that directly.

I have often seen brands and agencies request for Newsletter Sharing and Social Media Coverage later on. This is not only annoying it also shows unprofessionalism. 'One-Do-Follow Link' means one; if you are looking for 'No-Follow Links' as well, you need to make it clear at the outset.

You need to clear the exchange that you would be offering. For brands, it mostly centres on product exchanges and some services. Brands tend to avoid any form of cash exchange. If you are negotiating, set out these terms so that there are no confusions later on.

3. Try to get Backlinks by working with a Blogger Outreach Service Agency-

If you have been paying attention to the list, you might have realised the scope of work before you. Working with an agency, which specializes in blogger outreach services is a convenient way to get the most out of your efforts.

These specialized agencies work with thousands of bloggers across different industry niches. They can make the outreach, negotiate the terms and push bloggers for more add-on services. As they already have good relationships with bloggers, the task becomes easy and convenient.

Brands mistakenly think that working with agencies will make the proposition much more expensive. However, in reality, this is a false notion. Agencies negotiate hard, bring down the prices and get more work done with a shorter turn-around-time.

4. Evaluate Options and go for a No-Follow Link in case of high traffic figures-

If you are a newbie in the industry, bloggers might be wary of giving you a do-follow link. The best bloggers look at the quality of the website they are linking on their platform. In such cases, a no-follow link is the best option for you.

If the website has high traffic volumes and the blogger does not want to give you a do-follow link, go for a no-follow link and negotiate for social sharing on the blogger's social pages. Google has always maintained ambiguity on the real benefits on no-follow links contributing to SEO scores, metrics and search rankings.

However, experts from Neil Patel to Brian Dean swear by no-follow links on industry authority websites. This is the reason why social media link building and Quora link building are so popular.


A successful Blogger Outreach Service strategy requires proper planning, execution and negotiating skills. Being a 360-degree digital marketing strategy, blogger outreach can be highly successful if done in the right fashion.

By following the above four tips, you can ensure that you are getting high quality backlinks for your website from the best bloggers and publishers. Can you add to the list and state some strategies or tactic that can be used to get backlinks from blogger outreach?

Let us add value to the readers and write down our answers in the comments section below.