Software as a service (SaaS) has undeniably transformed the software delivery model.

In the past, introducing a new app was difficult. From the sales process to installation to custom design to training, it may take weeks before employees can use a new technology efficiently. But, not with SaaS.

SaaS is becoming the model for business application delivery. Even traditional on-premises software vendors produce SaaS applications and buy SaaS companies. Microsoft Office 365, Canva, Dropbox, Grammarly, Netflix, and Slack are a few examples of SaaS products.

However, if you're not comfortable with Microsoft Office 365, you can look for a Microsoft Office alternative for more advanced features and functionalities.

If you own a company that provides SaaS, you’re most likely part of a booming industry. That implies you have a lot of competitors, which is only going to intensify. So, how do you stand out and promote your SaaS-based app?  Listed below are SaaS marketing strategies you can use.

Increase Visibility With SaaS SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more important than ever in the SaaS industry. SEO uses many tactics to rank a website on Google's search engine results pages. The success of your business depends on exposing your services to as many individuals as possible. This involves generating organic traffic and converting it.


Increase Visibility With SaaS SEO

Optimization is data-driven. That said, you'll spend a lot of time testing, fine-tuning, and upgrading everything for search engines. What you need is a fresh, well-built, content-rich website. Your website should load quickly, be user-friendly, and be easy for search engines to index and crawl. You need to have a framework for SaaS SEO that’s strategic. With that in place, you'll rank higher and generate high-quality leads that convert.

A solid SEO plan, whether developed in-house or with the assistance of a SaaS SEO service, will fuel your brand to long-term growth and success.

Content Is King

Content marketing helps sell anything. Say, your software manages physical goods subscriptions. People may know how to use your product, but you must explain what it does and why it's needed.

But, don't simply focus on blogging. Options abound. You can go with workshops, data sheets, webinars, eBooks, landing pages, videos, interviews, live videos, etc. You only need to identify the right content.

Show the value of your product with relevant content marketing. If you last updated your blog in 2018, rethink your strategy. Why?  Quality content is the best way to create online traffic, brand awareness, and leads.

Attract New Customers With Free Trials

Free trials are a good method of attracting new SaaS customers. Free trials boost brand exposure and let buyers try your goods without risk. You can also collect product feedback and offer purchase incentives. Getting and implementing feedback is a key stage of successful SaaS product management as it helps you uncover customer-backed ideas to continually improve your product.

If you utilize free user trials, keep them short so users can explore your program immediately. After a user's trial, call or email them to ask for feedback and close the deal.

‘Freemium’ pricing is another option. Customers can use your software's basic functions for free, but must pay for further options. This pricing model can also include user limits, watermarks, or restricted file formats.

Leverage Social Media

Marketing on social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, are excellent methods for engaging with one's audience and going beyond. Influencer marketing on social media platforms can increase SaaS ROI more than other digital marketing methods. Sharing a promotional video or user-generated material on Facebook with an SEO or SaaS specialist might interest your niche audience and create discussions.

Moreover, your social media marketing analytics will be different while promoting SaaS products. Build your brand and conduct relevant, engaging conversations on social media. With that, you may even get free organic product testimonials.

Prioritize Communication And Customer Service

Use the appropriate language at the right moment to engage leads before monetary discussions. Confidently manage your prospects’ questions and provide the right answers.

Online businesses thrive on customer service. Poor service discourages many buyers.

Instead of focusing on their existing users, some SaaS companies prioritize gaining revenue from new prospects. This, however, shouldn’t be the case. New sales can produce money, but renewals and upsells may also earn much more.

So, you should prioritize customer service, like free upgrades, onsite product training, timely query responses, and providing related documents, so customers can immediately understand the specifics.

Prioritize Communication And Customer Service

Use Email Marketing

Your target market will likely be familiar with the marketing strategies you employ. Therefore, SaaS email marketing must be more intelligent than other forms of promotion.

Thus, it’s crucial to develop an email marketing approach that supports your SaaS business in establishing actual connections with customers. Consider quality rather than quantity.

Also, several SaaS companies send numerous emails a week due to email marketing's effectiveness, but customers may feel disturbed. One or two weekly emails are enough.

Make Sign-Ups A Breeze

After launching your website and attracting customers with effective promotion, you must convince them to sign up. Make sure signing up is easy.

To attract more customers, simplify your sign-up process. Collecting credit card information and requiring a lot of information upon sign-up could turn off clients.


So there. You have now read some actionable methods and ideas to meet your SaaS marketing goals. Utilize all of these strategies or choose the ones that stand out the most. Remember, your SaaS marketing approach should reflect your brand and business.