Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in the growth of a website’s traffic, engagement, and conversion rate. Not to miss, SEO keyword ranking helps in getting the website rank among competitors in the search engines to the target audience through a SEO services provider.

When you are dealing with WordPress websites, it requires you to choose a list of WordPress SEO plugins. Many such plugins have already been installed-up on millions of websites. One that has recently created a buzz in the market is the Rank Math Plugin. It is a WordPress SEO plugin with all the latest features you may require to optimize your website for it to rank high in the search results.

Let us understand what makes it stand out among other WordPress plugins already available in the market and how an SEO Agency in India can assist you with the same.

What is RankMath Plugin?

RankMath Plugin is a new WordPress SEO plugin that comprises tons of brilliant SEO features that help in SEO keyword ranking and ultimately improve your website’s online presence. The Theme Shop team develops RankMath, and they claim it offers 60+ features, which is more than any other free SEO plugin to manage website ranking. With over 400,000 active installations as of August 2020, RankMath has been a preferred choice for SEO professionals as it automates a lot of SEO related tasks to save time.

Let us look into the essential features of the RankMath plugin.

Google Schema Markup/ Rich Snippets

With the help of RankMath, configuring Google Schema Markup is a lot easier. You can easily optimize your posts with the help of the Schema Markup, which is inclusive of Rating Schema.

Setup Wizard

RankMath’s step by step installation and configuration guide is the thing one would look for to set up SEO for WordPress.

Unlimited Keywords

For SEO keyword ranking, RankMath does not restrict you with the number of keywords. You can optimize your posts for unlimited focus keywords. Default allows five, and you can increase it to as many as you want with the help of a filter.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console Integration by RankMath saves a lot of time and, as a result, displays all the vital information about the website right there on WordPress.

Track Keyword Ranking

RankMath’s SEO plugin gives you easy access to track keyword ranking on Google.

Minimal Time

SEO plugins can be tricky and require a lot of time in the initial stage of configuration. RankMath makes the task easy with a minimal default setting, which is a minimum requirement for most websites. These can be altered-up as and when needed.

LSI Keyword tool integration

The integrated LSI by RankMath suggests keyword variations based on your focus keyword. This keyword tool integration helps you drive more traffic to your posts. 

Overlay on Social Images

RankMath makes social thumbnails clickable with the option of overlaying GIF or a video icon on the thumbnails.

Advanced Analytics

Performing SEO audit of your website can be done only with a single click.

Website Health Check-up

RankMath offers approx. 30 SEO tests that boost your website’s performance entirely.

Module Based System

RankMath gives you full control of your website with its module-based system. This scenario allows you to enable and disable any module as per your needs. Hence it offers to give your speeding up to perform tasks.

Redirection Manager

The in-built smart redirection manager in RankMath helps you create, manage, delete, enable, or disable redirects easily.

Perfect for all business types

RankMath perfects fulfill the requirement of all types of businesses right from the small, medium, and global websites. Its local SEO features can be beneficial for locals’ sites as it can attract more traffic and outstand in SERPs.

Optimized Breadcrumbs

Even if the theme does not support Schema-org coding, RankMath is capable of displaying SEO optimized Breadcrumbs on almost all the websites.

Auto Configuration 

RankMath plugins are easy to install, and it works on auto-configuration. This scenario means it configures itself correctly on the website.

Quick SEO Plugin

RankMath is accessible on the server even after loaded with so many features, making it quick and easy to install the plugin for WordPress.

Elementor SEO

The integration with the Elementor Page builder eliminates the need to go back and forth between the tabs to configure your page.

Page Builder SEO

RankMath works perfectly with other page builders such as Divi Page, WPbakery, Themify, Beaver Builder, Page Builder Framework, Schema theme, OceanWP, and more.

404 Error Monitor

The in-built 404 error monitor helps RankMath resolve 404 errors with easy and enhances user experience.

XML Sitemap

RankMath has an in-built fast loading feature that loads Sitemap quickly and works with various post types, including the custom ones, and you can set what gets included and what does not.

Internal Linking Suggestions

RankMath is smart enough to automatically suggest other posts from your website hence improving the chances of ranking in search results.

Multisite Ready

RankMath supports the WordPress multiuser project, so whether you are operating a single site or running a full network, you can still be relaxed as RankMath is fully supportive.

Translation Plugin

RankMath supports and works seamlessly with leading translation plugins such as TranslatePress, Polylang, Weglot, etc.

Who should all switch to RankMath plugin?

  • Real Estate Companies
  • Local Businesses
  • E-Commerce Stores
  • Bloggers
  • Photographers
  • Directories and any business that operates on WordPress

Switching to RankMath is Quite Easy

For those who do not have any installed SEO plugin, we recommend installing RankMath, and the system will guide you through each step.

If you are already using any other SEO plugin, you can export the current plugins while installing RankMath.


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