Mobile apps have become a crucial part of the lives of many individuals. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go back to sleep, you are exposed to several apps. Whether it be alarm clocks, instant messaging, calorie checkers or games, there is an app for every need of people.

With over 5 billion mobile users and 57 percent internet penetration rate, one thing is for certain; there is a massive demand for mobile apps. And this demand is likely to grow. As per Statista, by 2022, mobile app downloads are expected to increase to 258.2 billion downloads from the current 205.4 billion downloads in 2019.

With every passing year, the process of mobile app development is evolving. If you wish to create an app of your own, here are ten trends worth noting in 2019.

1. Going above and beyond the screen

Do you remember Pokemon Go? While its hype eventually ended, its initial success pointed out a very crucial insight- people wish for experiences that go beyond the screen now. Virtual and Artificial reality is the next big obsession of the masses.

This has already been observed by the fact that Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger has seen their popularity spike ever since they incorporated artificial reality in their apps. You will see more mobile apps integrating artificial and virtual learning in their interfaces.

2. Personalized Experience

Users of today crave personalized experience. This is why it is essential for app developers to move away from standard apps and think about integrating solutions that offer value to users. Using services like Appverticals can come in handy for this purpose.

In 2019, you can’t expect to get away with creating an app that serves no essential need of customers. Since there are already a lot of apps out there, to stand out, app developers will be leveraging the need for a personalized experience to attract customers.

3. Integration of chatbots with mobile apps

Chatbots were a massive success in 2018. This stems from the trend mentioned above of personalization. People prefer having solutions that offer a personalized experience in a faster way. And this exactly what a chatbot does.

Till now, chatbots had either been integrated into websites or offered as isolated apps. In 2019, the two worlds will come together. The use of AI technologies will facilitate this integration process. With the help of virtual assistants, employees will have more time to invest in other aspects of the business, thereby improving overall productivity. 

4. Wearables and apps: The next significant partnership

Another technology that created a lot of hype in 2018 was wearables like Apple Watches. Health care sectors have already been quick to make use of these wearables to improve diagnoses and patient care.,

The number of wearable apps is likely to increase in 2019 as well, and this trend will go beyond the healthcare sector. With more and more people opting for smartwatches, various apps will be looking at opportunities to integrate smartwatches with their applications. This is because such wearable apps allow for maximum engagement, which is something a standalone mobile app can’t ensure.

5. Mobile apps will be at the forefront of IoT

Who would have thought that the world would become as connected as it is today? Internet of Things is surprising us with new inventions now and then. Just when you thought that smart TVs and smartwatches were the ends, IoT came up with smart homes and smart cities.

IoT has made our lives much more connected and secure. And with its increasing success in various countries, there is likely to be a surge in the development of mobile apps created solely to connect and secure our lives. This is because every IoT invention uses a mobile-first approach to keep the users in the loop.

6. Hectic lives are equal to instant apps

When faced with a problem, people of today require immediate solutions. No one has the time to sift through the app store, download an app, register and then use it. Instead, people want apps that don’t require downloading. They want solutions that are already present in their phones.

Native instant apps will be leading mobile app development in 2019. Their user-friendliness, excellent performance and fewer storage needs make them popular among the masses.

7. M-wallets will replace cash and cards

When credit cards came into the picture, cash became somewhat obsolete for carrying out transactions. Slowly, the same is likely to happen to credit cards with the introduction of mobile payment systems.

M-wallet were quite the rage in 2018, and this trend will continue in 2019 as well. You are likely to find more, and better mobile payment solutions enter the market. These apps will be an easier, secure and faster way of spending money.

8. 5G technology will change the game

With the impending introduction of 5G technology, mobile app development is likely to be changed. With such fast speed and data security available, mobile app developers will now work to enhance their apps’ experience, speed further, and augmented reality feature because they know that the users will be able to enjoy the experience.

Going into 2019, due to 5G, app developers should expect an influx of users on quality mobile apps. And their expectations are likely to rise too.

9. App security has never been more important

Users are now getting aware of the dangers of the online world. At the same time, malicious software and hackers are getting better and hence more dangerous. Recently, the world has been left shaken by data breaches.

This is why, in 2019, app security will be one of the biggest trends. Users will be drawn towards apps that take additional security measures to safeguard their data.

10. Cloud storage will take over

Currently, storage space is one issue that is affecting the masses. This is what limits users from downloading all the apps they like. To combat this issue, many app developers will be incorporating cloud storage in their apps.

This has various benefits. Not only does it reduce the burden of data storage on customers, but it also makes data security and data collection easier for businesses.


Take note of these ten trends when creating your app in 2019. Incorporate them to the best of your ability, and your app will surely be a success.