You developed a fantastic mobile app or game; you are pleased with the final product. Then comes the critical part: how to get users for your app?

User acquisition is one of the most challenging steps of having an application. Consider yourself fortunate, because we are here to give you an overview and inspiring tips to boost your mobile user acquisition. Let’s start talking about the two different ways of growing your user base: organic and paid advertisement strategy. We are pretty sure you have found out about them. The point is to understand what precisely each one of these techniques is, and which one is the right alternative for your app marketing efforts. Stay focused and goes along with us on this journey:

What is Paid Advertising?

We can say that paid user acquisition covers the actions of promoting your application with money.

This is certainly a fast way to acquire new users since it takes them straightforwardly to your app page.

Besides that, you can focus on the audience that you want to reach. You pick the time frame and placement where you need your promotions to show up so that you can reach the right audience.

However, not every app developer has a lot of money to spend on app marketing. We additionally know that spending money doesn’t ensure that you will get where you need.

That’s why we collected a few ideas, so you can find out which paid marketing strategy is best for your app.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media is the place you are definitely going to look for potential users. The main problem is that people continue adding more friends and following more brands, which turns the environment quite crowded. Thus, utilizing ads may be a decent alternative.

It isn’t a costly way, and you can add a “download app button” on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

In addition, you can target similar audiences from your base of users, and you can also target people that like a particular page, or have a particular interest. The possibilities are fantastic once you know who you need to impact.

  • Facebook Ads

    Facebook serves you with various types of formats that can truly help with your goal. There is even the possibility of running a lead campaign straight on Facebook, so perhaps it can save some time from designing a landing page.

  • Instagram Ads

    This is definitely one of the most well-known social media channels right now. Instagram users are considerably more engaged than Facebook's audience. Remember that Instagram is a photo platform. Along these lines, videos and images are more than welcome for your ads. However, don't forget to double-check if your audience is on Instagram.

  • Twitter Ads

    The ideal way to promote yourself on Twitter is by utilizing a media card. It very well is a gif or an image. You can optimize your campaigns simply like on Facebook, based on your goal. Twitter gives you the opportunity to target followers of particular pages and also interests.

  • Video Ads

    Internet users are video lovers, no secret. More than 8 billion videos are liked on Facebook daily. Thus, we are talking about an investment that brings you probably some return.

    Apart from that, video is the ideal way to show how your app or game works. It's a cool method to show its dynamics, usefulness, and graphics. Remember to make your videos short, visually attractive and to utilize captions.

    Your video can show up on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. The short ads that show up on YouTube before a video is a cheap resource, and furthermore pretty effective since you can choose what type of channels you need to show them and furthermore how much you are willing to pay for every video placement.

  • Influencers Marketing

    Well, whether you like it or not, many people choose to download an app or game since someone famous talked about it. Fortunately, there are a lot of influencers around, so you don't have to choose the one who is going to charge you a ton, however, maybe a person who is starting, and who as of now has some relevance to enable you to attract many users to your product.

What is Organic Advertising?

Although organic user acquisition doesn’t involve money, it isn’t totally free; it is about all the efforts you make to turn your application discoverable.

Apple stated that more than 65% percent of downloads come straight from App Store search. This is organic, and we should think that the 35% left isn’t paid because we still have several other promotions that you don’t pay for an application to be found.

The advantage here is that you are not paying for each new user. Besides, your efforts will keep bringing you results many months after that. This is not the same as the from the paid acquisition, which won’t keep bringing you users when the ad is complete.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a path to bring an individual to your app. So, you can create engaging content for your site, post interesting things on social media profiles, and create a blog. You should find an ambassador, for example, your CEO or Marketing Manager to give a face to your brand. Content marketing is about strategies that draw the users and make them come to your app and download it.

App Store Optimization

As we stated previously, 65% of apps and games are discovered straight on the search, which implies that App Store Optimization (ASO) is an absolute necessity.

If you have never heard about ASO, don’t freeze, you are going to learn about it now.

Your app listing page content needs to consider the app store algorithm to be appealing to your audience. It should likewise contain the right keywords within your app name, description, and subtitle.

Not only that, but you should also promote your app in the best way, having a decent app icon and beautiful screenshots. The more visits that turn into conversion, the more relevant you are to the app stores.

Advertisement for Apps: Organic, Paid or Both?

Advertisement for Apps: Organic, Paid or Both

Well, we aren’t going to lie to you, but paid user acquisition can increase your organic downloads. Studies showed that for each paid install, you get up to 1.5 organic downloads. Clearly, this varies as per the app types.

Many brands go for a paid strategy to kick-off, yet when they become known, the organic can do the rest. This may be the best technique if you have a nice budget to begin. Getting many downloads rapidly makes your relevancy for the app stores’ algorithm better, which encourages you to be listed higher on the search ranks.

However, for small companies, the good thing is, to begin with, a brilliant organic user acquisition strategy. You ought to explore first all the free channels that are accessible, try to get the most word-of-mouth as possible, and after making a buzz, you move to a paid strategy.

Moreover, you can also consult with a well-experienced mobile app development company or any app advertising firm to kick start your app promotion campaigns.