With the worldwide spread of Coronavirus, companies are forced to explore working remotely and allowing employees to work from home. Tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google have asked their employees to work from their home to limit personal interaction, instead video and telephone conferences are being done.

However, managing remote employees can be challenging, especially when your management team is unprepared to supervise workers spread across different locations. It can cause a communication gap, which in turn causes low productivity and poor-quality output.

Businesses are turning to virtual desktop solutions by using time tracking and employee monitoring software to implement work-from-home policies properly and manage remote workers effectively.

Work from home tools provides a dynamic platform where remote employees can communicate, collaborate and it allows companies to schedule online meetings, manage collaborative projects, and track employees’ activities during working hours.

Is Employee Tracking Necessary for Your Company?

There are many reasons that make it a necessity for IT organizations to monitor on-site or off-site staff desktop usage, attendance, time on tasks and projects, maybe even whereabouts.

When working virtually, more data is being stored on a hard drive or on the cloud, which gives rise to the possibility of cyber-attacks or insider leaks nuances that come with the modern age. Tracking remote workers allows you to watch your employees’ computer activities to make sure that all of your data is safe and secure.

Moreover, in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis, companies have no other option but to allow employees to work from home. When almost the whole world is following social distancing, it calls for some tracking tools for maintaining work hours’ compliance.

Finally, just the fact that you want your company to have the upper hand when it comes to projects and dealing with the clients could be enough to utilize an employee monitoring software. It helps to keep track of what your employees are doing and get clear idea whether they are using their time in the best possible way.

Having said that, workforce monitoring is not only safe and productive but is also likely to be the norm in future. Let us dig more in-depth and explore its numerous benefits.

Various advantages of employee monitoring software:

Real-Time Status

Employee monitoring software reveals what your team members are currently working on. You can track their work progress and guide them accordingly. It empowers project managers to direct their team member and prioritize critical projects rather than the low-priority ones. It also helps to spot errors at the moment it happens and correct it right away.

Seamless Project Management

You will be surprised to know that employee monitoring tools allow you to see what is happening in your teams scattered across time zones and manage their tasks. Employee monitoring software comes with time tracking capabilities that help monitor projects based on monitoring task duration. The software aims to help you examine how much time was dedicated to different tasks and completion of a particular project.

Better Collaboration

Remote monitoring tools foster a better understanding the capabilities each team member possess, which enables you to make insightful decisions and delegation of tasks, improving the collaboration while promoting your teams’ talent. It also enhances the trust among employees and management, and encourages everyone to work together for a common goal.

Less Administrative Load

With a carefully chosen employee monitoring application, you can focus on the essential tasks of your business and invest less in dragging trivial chores. Some of these features include time tracking with screenshots, weekly timesheets, resource scheduling, and automatic payments with closely monitored working hours that further enable efficient payroll management.

Data Security

An insider data breach may be unintentional, but it could cost you millions of dollars. With help of an employee tracking software, you can prevent it from taking place in your company. It helps you check which employees accessed which files and for what purpose. Additionally, work from home tools will even notify you when they performed large data download, cause a breach of security, or used malicious apps.


Increased Productivity

It has been observed that remote teams’ productivity has significantly witnessed growth, as well as office workers, appeared to be more productive. It has been proven numerous times that employee monitoring software boosts productivity and is the most effective in remote employee management than any other tool. It generates the feeling of work from home accountability in employees, and they behave more responsibly.

Effective Communication

One of the biggest challenges in managing virtual workers is ensuring effective and efficient communication. When employees are spread out across different locations, coordinating work hours to schedule online meetings is a tough nut to crack. It can cause confusion that hinders the progress of projects. Employees can also feel isolated and disconnected from the management. Employee monitoring software easily solves all these issues as it provides a unified communication platform.


As highlighted above, employee monitoring software provides multiple remote work tracking services. But its real power shine thru when you combine all of the work from home tools and use them together to gain the most complete and accurate picture of your remote employees’ performance and your companies’ productivity.

If you have also directed your staff to work from home due to COVID 19 and are interested to buy a robust employee monitoring software, you need to understand which features are available and which ones you need. When making a purchasing decision that fits right to your business, you will want to strike a balance between comprehensiveness and effectiveness as well as affordability, especially when you are on a tight budget.

That said, once you zero down an employee monitoring software, make sure to utilize it correctly so as to promote efficient operation of your business.