It's always great to see your employees happy and productive. But due to the nature of remote work, it can be difficult for managers to keep tabs on their teams' activities. GPS tracking is an effective solution that helps you monitor field services at all times while still giving them the freedom they need.

To understand the benefits of GPS tracking, let's first see the below conversation between Charlie and David, who are the hard-working on-field software developers of a reputed company-

Charlie: I have been on-field for some time, but my boss doesn't believe I worked.

David: Yes, I have been facing the same problem. However, our team performed their job the same way they do in the office, but my boss is not ready to trust us.

Charlie: What could be the possible solution to prove our productivity while working on-field?

David: I don't know yet.

Well!! We must say that they should have tracked time while working on-field as proof of their work.

It is evident that it gets easier to build trust between workers and employers when you track time. Aside from the fact that using the time tracking software in an on-field team resolves trust issues, there are several more benefits.

This blog will discuss some advantages of GPS time tracking for field services-

Learn the benefits of using the GPS tracking software in the field services

1. Enhanced productivity and performance

Enhanced productivity and performance

In a traditional office environment, workers can see it when someone is late for a meeting or finishes their tasks on time. There are no such clues to remind a team member about an upcoming deadline or project due date in a virtual setting.

 The lack of physical presence and interaction may lead to the assumption that everything is going as planned, but this is often not the case.

Managers can use GPS productivity management software to analyze employee performance and productivity practically. Analysis of employees' logged hours and other data like job descriptions and the amount of time spent on a project is one way to do this.

As a result, time scheduling may help guarantee that everything runs smoothly and that on-field workers can meet tight deadlines.

2. Track software development team in one place

Track software development team

Do you have an on-field software development team? Do you find the developer time tracking a difficult task? If yes, a GPS tracking software tool is an excellent way to monitor your on-field developers.

 GPS tracking allows easy real-time monitoring of the developer's location and time. As a manager or client, you can use this information in the form of automated reports for any of your future project planning and management.

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3. Easy to track billable hours

Easy to track billable hours

Another benefit of using GPS tracking software is that it can monitor and calculate billable hours. It will help you save time by automating the billing process with invoicing software. By generating and sending bills online, tracking payments, and keeping records, such automatic online payment software simplifies your whole invoicing procedure.

4. Get automated timesheets for payroll

Get automated timesheets for payroll

Unlike timesheets, which are manually entered into the system after each shift, GPS time tracking software timestamps are automatically generated and emailed. After a pay cycle has ended, you may go through and approve timesheets before approving payrolls.

GPS tracking software runs in the backend of your device to keep track of the team's time automatically. It is easy to run a GPS tracker on any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook, and Linux device.

5. Easy Map tracking

Easy Map tracking

You will see enhanced map tracking when you utilize GPS tracking software. It will improve routes and remove any roadblocks to help you keep your expenditures in check.

You can use desktop and mobile apps to track, record, and analyze the location of your on-field workers with complete transparency.

6. Get detailed reports for analysis

Get detailed reports for analysis

Enterprise managers can see reports on progress and delivery in real-time. This allows them to manage projects more effectively and provides better visibility into the work status of every team member. Managers can then intervene early when necessary or give guidance on how best to proceed with a project.

GPS time tracking software will provide you comprehensive reporting for more precise time management.

Which GPS tracking software to use for remote employees?

GPS tracking software

There are many providers of GPS tracking software. Like any technology, some are better than others. When you're looking for a GPS software tool, there are three main factors to consider:

1. Is it web-based? Accessing the system through a browser is essential since most people will be using cell phones or tablets with no client software installed.

2. How reliable is the tracking? This makes it difficult to monitor "employees" in the field if their locations are incorrect.

3. What type of reporting can you get? There should be plenty of options for generating valuable reports on activity in the field, from time reports to real-time location monitoring.

So which GPS tracking software will work for your business? Have you tried WorkStatus?
WorkStatus is an excellent GPS time tracking software. It makes you and your employees more efficient and enhances the performance of your company. It helps you track location, time, speed, and distance traveled by individual workers or vehicles in your fleet. You can see where they have been, what type of work was performed at each location, the number of hours given to each job site, etc.

It provides unprecedented GPS tracking solutions to the following industries-

  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Janitorial Services
  • Consultant time tracking services
  • Manufacturing
  • Software Development
  • Real Estate
  • Accounting
  • Design
  • E-Commerce, etc

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Final Thoughts

We've all had that moment where we can't find someone on the team or know how many hours they have worked. GPS tracking software is a simple way to keep track of your employees and their productivity in real-time. It is a great tool for the teams who are frequently on the move because it will remove your worries about whether or not work has been completed.

You may also want to consider using it for remote workers. It provides an easy way to check if these individuals are productive while working offsite, so you don't need to spend valuable resources checking up on them every day!

Whether you have one person or three hundred people with mobile devices, there is a solution out there for everyone. Give a chance to WorkStatus.

Well!! That's it for today! Do you know any other vital information? Share with us below if we forgot to mention any important benefits on our list!