Fonts are one of the crucial elements that have changed with time. It has become a vital part of your design; without fonts your design is incomplete and inappropriate. A good font lets you improve the design of your app and make it understandable for viewers.

When was the last time you made a mobile website, and it went extraordinary simply by paying special consideration on fonts?

As a professional graphic designer, you must be aware of its importance on how a font can significantly impact your business and what differences it brings on the table.

On whatever topic you have made the website, one should never take the importance of fonts for granted due to various reasons that I am going to cover in this guide.

The Importance of Fonts in Mobile Design

According to a researcher, more than half of the population check your website from mobiles, and if it is not clearly visible to them, half of the viewers switch to another website where the content is well written and understandable for all the obvious reasons.

By the end of this article, you will know why it is essential to never compromise on fonts. Let's proceed further and discuss the crucial elements in detail for better comprehension.

1- It Increases Readability Factor

For any website, the readability factor has great significance as it is determined on your website's success or failure. If a random person is unable to read the context written on the site, it will be hard for them to read accurately. The chances are they might switch to another website where the readability factor is appropriate.

Once you are sure that from desktop, readability is good, don't forget to check from mobiles that either the font used is easy to read or needs to be modified. For this purpose, check from different mobile devices as people read your content by using different mobiles, so make sure that your content appears readable on every device.

It is the first principal element that creates a big difference later. To increase the readability, Avenir free font is recommended font that were designed years ago. It is used by various leading companies to make their designs more attractive, professional and beautiful.

2- Direct Impact on User's Experience

A right selection of fonts has a General effect on client experience: to put it plainly, fonts directly affect our apps client experience. Mobile design should concentrate on coordinating textual styles and UX because clients will take more time to comprehend what our application brings to the table if its context is hard to peruse.

Therefore, our app won't be easy to understand, and clients will inevitably quit utilizing it or even erase it from their cell phones. Hence for excellent user experience, one should concentrate on the structure of the mobile design.

3- It Improves Availability

It is all about the user experience that you need to improve for the accessibility and approachability. For this regard, fonts play a crucial role. If you choose the right selection of fonts, it will increase the accessibility and the user more likely to access your website or brand.

Various factors have been involved that need to be checked whenever you use a particular font for your website, and once you succeeded in choosing the right one, it will improve the user experience and will be accessible to everyone without any issue.

4- It Reflects Professionalism

Once you manage to make your website's mobile design up to the mark and improve the user experience, they will be more likely to visit your site because of your professionalism. Being a professional graphic designer, it is essential to professionally perform the task because your users are your most significant assets.

If they are not satisfied with your work, you won't proceed in the market. It all can be done by selecting the correct fonts. Once you master yourself in getting your hands on the right font, it will no longer remain complicated for you.

Key Elements of Good Font

We have said frequently that a good font is fundamental to mobile design, yet haven't even now dug into which perspectives make fonts fitting. A font structure and 'personality' is the thing that makes it generally significant, and it's what will contribute the most to great mobile design. Let's discuss those elements that depicts a good font.

1- Font Size

You have often seen that a particular blog or post is not mobile-friendly because of the readability issue, and that issue occurs due to font size. When the font is too hard to read, it is because of the font size. Hence if you want to make the mobile design incredible, pay particular consideration to its size that either is easy to read or not. Experience it on different devices and later finalize it.

2- Blank Spaces

Another reason for not mobile-friendly content is the blank space. Sometimes the content you write doesn't have appropriate empty spaces that result in bad user experience. You should be smart enough to know how to utilize the blank spaces in the article or post. There should be proper space within lines, words and paragraphs.

3- Contrast

Another significant mistake that people often make is keeping a loud background that the content written on the site usually disappears. People find it hard to read and understand, especially on their mobile phones. Hence, one should be a good contrast between your text and background to enhance the user experience.


Fonts play a fundamental role in mobile design and often get into trouble in the case of neglecting it. Your maximum users visit your site from mobiles, so you should be more attentive towards your mobile design. I have mentioned the importance of Fonts or typography in Mobile Design and what differences it brings if taken for granted. These little things make a huge difference later if neglected for a long time. I hope you will find this guide helpful and useful. Hence, for the next time, keep these crucial factors in mind to avoid any issue.