Just having a normal website for a business is not enough these days. With the advancement of technology, businesses need to upgrade their normal websites to web apps. People are more inclined towards their smartphones, henceforth opt for web apps over the websites. The web and mobile apps came like a Tsunami with an increase in the use of smartphones.

All in all, a web app for your business will enhance the user experience, and increase the ROI of your business.     

Just imagine you have a brilliant web app idea, but you are not satisfied with the development of your web app. Will it give you fruitful results for your business? Of course, not!

But, thanks to the progressive web apps! They have brought a huge revolution in the way web apps are built and, even helps to enhance the user experience.

So, you will be curious to know how progressive web apps will bring a rise in the use of web apps. In this write-up, we will go through some of the important aspects of progressive web apps, and how it will revolutionize the future.

But before getting deep into the importance of Progressive Web Apps, we will first give a short brief on PWAs.

Let’s proceed!

Glimpse on Progressive Web Apps

To put it short, progressive web apps combine the properties of websites and native apps, to build an extraordinary web app. To put it short, web apps are accessed by entering the URL in the respective devices. A progressive web app takes advantage of trending technologies to combine web and mobile to a single app.

The best part is you have no need to go to the App Store or Play Store for using the web app. Just enter the URL in the website and the shortcut will be added on your home screen. With the help of the Progressive Web Apps, you will save a lot of storage space in comparison to the native apps.

Why Progressive Web Apps The Future of Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps

Native App Flexibility

With a progressive web app, the users will get an experience of a native app. To the fact, PWAs are able to manage online ordering, loyalty programs, customer information and much more. To put it short, you will get all functionalities of a native app in the web app including the push notification.

Security & Speed

These are the core two things which every business needs in their online platform. New standards in web apps are encouraging developers to build the most secured web app. The best part is PWAs are faster than normal websites, and it ultimately enhances the user experience and ROI. These web apps are speedier as they can seamlessly cache the information from the app and browser.

Real-Time Discovery

A simple search on Google will pull you to the web app and give ultimate user experience. Operating the online business with a web app will let you reach a larger audience base. As just with a few SEO efforts you can make your web app rank on the search engines like Google.

An Ideal Choice For Business

As a matter of fact, the companies who have implemented PWAs and observed tremendous growth are as mentioned below,

  • MakeMyTrip.com observed growth of more than 160% after shifting to a progressive web app.
  • Twitter saw a reduction in the bounce rate by 20%, and 75% increase in the tweets.
  • Alibaba.com said that they got a 76% increase in mobile users after shifting to PWA. 

Now you know the importance of web apps in your online business. Above all, one thing that is for sure is the web app for your business will definitely impress the user and force them to visit your web app for the second time.

Offline Access

As I told you before, the web app uses a cache to fetch APIs for quickly loading your content. This means that web apps even function in offline mode from the home screen. To conclude, your progressive web app will be able to send the push notification and background updates to the user. That's amazing, right?

What Makes Progressive Web Apps Attractive?

A few points which make progressive web apps alluring for your business are following.

  • The great increase in mobile web traffic
  • Offline availability of the content (a key advantage)
  • A great performance of the web app whether it is for mobile or desktop
  • Gives a progressive and increased support
  • You can build the standard features with simple languages like CSS, HTML, Javascript

Why Should You Build A Progressive Web App For Your Business?

If you’re planning for an online business, then just having a web app idea will never be enough. Proper execution of your web app plan is crucial to achieving your desired goals. After deep research and analysis, we have come to the conclusion that a progressive web app will help you gain your targeted aim easily.

You will face lesser hurdles when building your online business with a progressive web app. Progressive web apps will definitely give you results in one way or another. Adding to it, progressive web apps are still in the developing stage, but in the near future, you will see great functionality. And this will enhance your business in every possible way.

The Parting Thoughts

Before thinking about how your web app should be, it is essential to have a look at the customer requirements. What does your customer need? Is it about offline availability, a seamless buying experience, or a multi-channel experience?  Check every sort of detail and choose the one which will suit best for your customers. At last, the thing which matters most is the user experience.

Progressive web apps definitely have a bright future. Many popular companies have already implemented progressive web apps in their online platform. Henceforth, now it’s your turn to achieve your dreams with progressive web apps.

Wishing you all luck for your progressive web app!